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「ColorOS Know How」Assistive Ball

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Hello colorOS Superfans
How are you all?
Today I’m here with an interesting topic for you. Let’s look into it.

    Assistive Ball

Applying the Assistive Ball feature provides options to access several regular phone features throughout the touchscreen, rather than relying only to tactile or touch buttons. This enables you to use the virtual navigation keys with just one finger, and also open the notification center, take a screenshot, and more. When you perform gestures that are difficult for you, Assistive Ball can help.

Assistive Ball lets you perform a wide range of features:
  • Return to upper page
  • Go to the Home screen
  • View recent tasks
  • Open Notification Center
  • Lock the screen
  • Enter One-hand Mode
  • Take a screenshot
To configure the Assistive Ball menu, go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] > [Assistive Ball], then choose one operation mode:
Gesture Operations. Below Gesture Operations, you can assign different actions to a single tap, double tap, or long press. For example, assign "Home" to "Touch and hold", then you can long press the Assistive Ball to go to the Home screen.
Tap Menu. There are five shortcuts to enable different features in Tap Menu. Click a shortcut and change the option to the one you preferred. On any screen, click the Assistive Ball to pop up the shortcut menu.

When Assistive Ball is on, you can hold the floating button and pull it around the screen to any location to get it out of the way or make it more accessible.
Adjust the transparency of the Assistive Ball when not in use. Go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] > [Assistive Ball], then drag the slider.
Hide the Assistive Ball automatically in full screen. Go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] > [Assistive Ball] and turn on [Hide Ball Automatically in Full screen]. To reveal the Assistive Ball, swipe down from the top of the screen.

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Good article


kushwah: Thanks  Posted at 26-3-2020 22:06
shaurya raghuvanshi
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