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[ColorOS News] OPPO Reno 3 Pro Camera Review

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Hello ColorOS SuperFans,

Hey guys, I hope you all are well & safe. Guys today I'm talking about Reno 3 Pro Camera review. Last 2 weeks I'm using this phone and captured some photos I hope this my review on Reno 3 Pro 's camera will help you to understand how good or bad Reno 3 Pro's camera. So, without further delay let's start -


When you look at the Reno 3 Pro you will probably notice one of three things: The front-facing punch-hole selfie camera, the color, and the cameras. And the camera is always the main USP of OPPO company & they maintain this image with Reno 3 pro. Let's find out how good his camera in the real world.

Rear Camera

The Reno 3 Pro has no fewer than five cameras plus a depth-of-field sensor. On the back, there are four cameras: a 64MP standard camera with a 1/1.72-inch sensor and f/1.8 aperture; a 13MP telephoto with a 1/3.4-inch sensor f/2.4 aperture; an 8MP ultra-wide-angle with a 1/4-inch sensor and 109-degree field of view; and a 2MP depth camera with a 1/5-inch sensor. I give you some sample photos for you better understand how good or bad the camera quality of Reno 3 Pro.

Wide-angle Shot:-


This photo captured in the wide-angle mode of Reno 3 Pro. In maximum cases when you captured any photo in the wide-angle mode you will get a blurry dynamic view but in this case, if you zoom this photo you will see the dynamic view is clear and the color saturation also natural.

Macro Shots:-


This shot captured in Macro mode unfortunately, Reno 3 Pro doesn't have dedicated macro mode but thanks to OPPO's AI detection. Yes, when focusing on any close object the AI automatically shifts on Macro mode (AI based). For example -


Normal to Zoom Mode:-


This photo captured in normal mode & non-edited. Now I'm going to share zoom photos one by one -


These cameras offer you 0.6x wide-angle shots, 1x normal photos, 2x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and 20x digital zoom.



64MP Shots:-

The primary camera is listed as 64MP, it is binned down to 16MP. You can set the camera to use the entire 64MP resolution if you wish. Zoom is not available in 64MP mode, it switches over to the telephoto. Here I give you some screenshots, how to enable 64MP Shot.


First, open your camera app and click on the three-dot button. You will get the 64MP option & click on the 64MP option, that's it now your 64MP camera is on.

How to take 108Mp shots?

Yes OPPO Reno 3 Pro capable to capture 108Mp photos. Now the question is how to take photos with 108mp, don't worry just follow below guidelines -


1) Open your Oppo Camera and swipe left and go to MORE option, you will get an interface like above.
2) Now have to choose EXPERT MODE.


3) Now enable the XHD option, Yes this mode can capture 108Mp photos with higher resolutions, more detailing & big file size (i.e up to 40Mb)
4) In this mode, you will get THREE More options like ZOOM, NORMAL & WIDEANGLE.


5) The above Red round circle indicates the zoom or telephoto option.


6) The above Red round circle indicates the Normal option.


7) The above Red round circle indicates the Wide-angle option.

I must say this mode is amazing, especially the Pro Photographer will love it. Here are some samples of XHD Mode-




Selfie Camera

The USP of the device is a 44MP main camera at the front with a 2MP depth sensor. The secondary lens allows one to shoot videos with a bokeh effect using the rear as well as the front camera. There is an Ultra Night mode which captures impressive photos even in very low light condition.

Selfie & Portrait:-

Normal photos are actually 40MP (not 44MP) and portrait photos are 10MP. Interestingly, the bokeh effect displayed live during shooting is not the same as the one produced after the photo is taken. Sometimes the live version can be drastically wrong (blurring out bits of the face), but the final photo is generally much better. Here are some samples of selfies which is captured in normal & portrait mode -


Reno 3 Pro is also capable to capture amazing group selfie, thanks to his Auto AI detection mode -


Power Of 44Mp Selfie:-

Yes, Oppo Reno 3 Pro is World's first phone which comes with 44Mp Selfie Camera, But you have to enable this camera manually. After opening your front camera click on the Three Dot button & enable 44Mp Camera.


And actual 44 Mp photo come out like this below photo -

**Due to technical error, I have to crop this photo


Before concluding this review I want to say regarding Oppo Camera, The camera is good specially XHD mode & the front-facing camera is too good & bokeh video it's very cool especially for Vlogger. Now I going to some photos in different modes -


Macro shot in XHD Mode


This photos will help you to understand how good camera quality of Reno 3 pro even after 8x zoom.


15x Zoom can also gives you amazing details.


Great Wide angle view


Macro shot in Normal mode

I hope this article will help you to choose a perfect device. If you like this article please share your opinion. Do follow & share my story with your family & friends. As a photo club member my first priority to utilize the camera to give you ultimate review, so wait for my next article which will be based on Oppo Reno 3 Pro's Night Photography.

I hope this article will inspire you to capture amazing photographs. All this photo capture in expert mode with OPPO Reno 3 Pro by @MdRockz

Thank you for your support towards ColorOS Team.
If you like my article follow me, see you soon with a new article with unique photography.

Sk Mehedi Hassan





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