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[ColorOS Tips] 5 Tips to Take Good Photos Using Any Phone!

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Hello Cool ColorOS Amigos!
Hope all of you are well and safe in your respective homes.

Guys, we are going through a very tough situation now. Our whole country is in Lockdown for 21 days. I would request everyone to #StayAtHome. You might feel boring while staying at your home. We can utilize this time very nicely. We can learn some new things in this time sitting in our own house. Lot of people keep asking me, "My camera is very bad! The images comes blurry. Give update on camera" etc. One thing you should know that Everytime this is not the problem of your phone's camera. Sometimes it can happen that the camera really needs an  update. But most of the time it doesn't!

So this is the perfect time to learn some tips on How you can overcome it. In this thread I would like to share my personal experience which I learned while I was struggling with the same issue. So without any further talkings let's begin....

Tip 1: Clean Your Lenses Before Capturing
We use our phones whenever it needed. That can be the time when we are working or we are relaxing. We touch our phones with our hands whatever they be! So the camera lens can be blurred with our hand tips. And the air dust is always there which makes the lens messy. So this might be a deciding factor. So, remember to clean the Lens well before clicking any image. You can use microfiber cleaning cloth or if this doesn't work then a cleaning liquid can also be used.


Tip 2: Hold The Phone Tightly
An another important thing is how you holds your device while capturing. As the mobile sensors are very small, it takes some time to capture lights perfectly. You can understand this in intensive dark condition. The more time you give it to capture the more light is gathered. And while gathering this light this is important that we keep our hand most stable to avoid any shaking which makes the whole image blurry. So hold your phone with two hands very tightly so that it doesn't shake a bit while the shutter is open.

** To avoid this you can use a 3s timer because our hands need some time to get completely stabled. So you can also try this way


Tip 3: Use 4:3 Ratio
I saw many people like to use the Full screen ratio. It basically gives you the result by zooming the image a bit to make it in full screen. In Lower end phones the zoom quality doesn't that good so the quality of image got reduced if you use the Full screen ratio. So I'd suggest you to use the normal 4:3 ratio to get relatively good images which is wider too.


Tip 4: Tap on your Subject Before Capturing
Now every phones has 'Tap to Focus' facility. This helps very much when the subject is closer to the sensor. So to keep your subject in perfect focus Don't forgot to use tap to focus. To lock the focus long press on the screen so that the focus Don' get shifted if there is any shake.

1534968202619-1-tap-to-focus.gif PicsArt_03-28-01.58.00.jpg

Tip 5: Adjust the Exposure Slider
When there is more lights in background, our sensor struggles to expose our subject well and to make our subject bright the software often overexpose the background with blown out details. So slide the exposure level a little down to get a perfect exposed picture. Even if your subject isn't brighter, don't worry! You can easily fix it using some basic editing.


So, guys these are some basic and useful tips I wanted to give you. That's all for now. Don't forget to use this tips and do let me know if this works for you! Want some Pro tips to take high quality images! Do comment below. I'll surely come with that.

Follow me @pralayjana for such more cool stuffs regarding photography. Coming soon with more pieces of articles. Still then stay safe and Stay at Home.

Signing off
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