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【Game Space】Recovery method after uninstalling “game space”

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Hello,ColorOS SuperFANs,

Recently, some Superfans have reported that there is no way to recover after the game space is uninstalled. Don't worry, the “Game Space ”team has a solution for you.

In order to solve the problem of uninstalling the game space accidentally, we have provided the download APK of some models' game space, and you can download the corresponding APK according to your own mobile phone model and version.

1. Determine your own OPPO phone model and OS version
2. Find the APK corresponding to your phone in the forum
3. Click on the APK archive in the forum
4. After unzip, install and restore the “Game Space”

Phone models : Reno
OS version:ColorOS 7

Phone models : Reno 10x Zoom
OS version:ColorOS 7

Phone models : F15

According to the above method can restore the game space. However, if you fail,  please contact customer service team and we will do our best to solve your problem.

Piyush Rana



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