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「ColorOS News」Eye Care Mode - Makes Browsing/Reading More Safer!

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Dear ColorOS FAN's,
Have you ever thought of looking at a bright screen for a long time will cause eye strain? Then, how to protect our eyes from damage caused by long-time exposure to screen? Don't worry! We have a solution for it. Turn on "Night Shield/Eye Care mode" and adjust the screen color temperature as per your requirement. In this way, the blue light emitted by the screen can be greatly reduced, and hence your eyes will be protected. Before we start, please visit my Preventive Measures To Avoid CORONA!!


The Eye Care mode is one of the finest feature to reduce blue-light that is emitted by your screen, while reading or watching some video. This may not have impact on you during day time. But, your eyes may get stressed and harmed with this blue-light in night time. So, we recommed you to use this powerful tool while using phone at night time, to ensure your eyes safety. This mode is the advanced version of Night-Shield mode which is seen previously in ColorOS 6 and below versions. The Eye Care mode is more optimized compared to the previous Night Shield mode in terms of filtering light.

How It Works?
Basically, it has two types of filters. One is normal mode which is colorful mode, and the other is black and white mode. Both are efficient to filter the blue light. Based on your requirement, turn the desired option. Apart from that, we can adjust the temeperature also, which is quite useful one. While moving towards warmer, the screen becomes more Reddish-Orange. While reading, make it more warmer so that the white screen will turn reddish and reduces the emittance of blue-light...


In the above image, you can see that there is very less variation in both the screens. The 2nd image is the one which is color mode of Eye Care mode with temperature changed to warm. So, you can assure that there won't be any difference for you in color of anything when this mode is turned on. This mode is one of the most comfortable mode which helps in filtering the blue-light from the device's screen. However, it highly reduces the blue-light helping you to reduce your eye strain!


The next mode is also very useful one. As seen in the above image, it is the Blank & White mode. This helps in many ways to reduce eye problems. It is most recommended to use this feature while reading something or browsing for something in internet especially during night time. The whole screen turns to black and white including system apps and other apps also. People with color blindness can use this feature the whole time so that their eyes can funtion much better. While using amazon kindle, reading e-books, I prefer this mode to the before mode. Hope, you all also habituate using this feature in your daily usage.

Things You Must Know
Screenshot_2020-03-31 tips(1).png
The Night Mode or Eye Care mode of ColorOS OPPO are certified by TÜV Rheinland. The Full Care Display Certification is TÜV Rheinland's latest evaluation and certification system for smartphone displays. It covers eleven aspects including display quality, ambient light management, eye protection technology and user health and comfort guidance. So, it is certified that Eye Care mode is completely safe and also helps in reducing the exposure of light in eyes through various filters. Hence, you are not needed to fear regarding any issues while using the mode!

How To Schedule Eye Care Mode?
Sometimes you might forget turning this feature ON. Or, you may completely forget that such useful feature exist in your device. In that cases, we recommend you to enable scheduled timing for this funtion. Turning this on, will automatically turns your screen into Eye Care mode when it is needed by you. You can set any time gap in which you want it to be ON. In general, we recommend the timing should be like Start time 10:00 PM and End time 6:00 AM as per IST. This time is general time, in which our eye can be effected most because of screen light. So, use this time as a standard time for all...

How To Enable It?
Its quite simple to enable this feature in your device. All you need to do is, open settings app. From there, select Display and Brightness option. There you will find the option Eye Care Mode(ColorOS 7) or Night Shield Mode(ColorOS 6 and below). Click the option and you will find further more options which are basically, temperature adjustment, black and white mode, and few other...
Operation Steps: Settings>>Display & Brightness>>Eye Care>>Enable!
Quick Access
Apart from moving into settings, you can quickly access the feature via the notification panel. For that, pull the notification center down. There you can enable Eye Care Mode. If you can't see the toggle, then click on edit/pencil icon above, there you will find all available toggles. Drag the required Eye Care toggle into above icons. Then you can use the quick function. So, you can quicly turn on and off this feature right away from any screen.
Operation Steps: Pull Notification Panel>>Eye Care>>Enable!

Eye Care Tips
1. Take a break for every 10 minutes.
2. Look into the distance when you take a break, to release eye strain.
3. Do eye exercises regularly.(Atleast once per day)
That's all to share with you guys.

Hope you all understood the use of Eye Care mode. We request you to use this feature at least during mid-nights. Do mention your valuable suggestions under the comments section below. All feedbacks and topic suggestions are welcomed! Thank You!
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Your Love and Support is always great towards ColorOS...!
#StayAtHome #StaySafe #FightAgainstCorona
Always Be Self-Motivated✌



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