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Hello ColorOS SuperFan's,
How are you all guys?

I Hope you are all Fine in the Pandemic situation of Corona Virus during Lockdowon.Don't be Panic in this situation,We all are here to bind our Country to fight against Corona Pandemic.Guy's I think you are also in Home and Enjoying with family.If you having any problem to stay home then think about our country and our Corona Warriors.
                  #StayHome #StaySafe

Today I am sharing my story during Lockdown due to Corona Pandemic and some details about Corona Virus.Pl. Follow it and make our Country Healthy,Wealthy and Safe.

1.What is Corona Virus(Covid-19)?

Corona Virus (Covid-19) is a disease that caused by Virus and infect people and attack on the Lungs and Respiratory System.

2.What are the symptoms of Corona Virus?

If you are suffering from Corona Virus You are having problem in Breathing,feeling dry cough in Neck,sneezing and illness.If you have any symptoms then check up immediately to a doctor or go to hospital.

3.How the Corona Virus Spread?

It spread by the contact of any Corona Virus suffering people,touching infected place or thing's.Any Contact like Shaking Hands,When any Infected people sneeze then the small water droplet get into you.

4.How can we protect ourself from Corona Virus?

We protect our self by Following Methods:-

1.Wash you hands regularly with santizer and any soap with 20 Seconds.

Methods of Hand washing:-
IMG_20200405_172003.jpg IMG_20200405_171940.jpg

2.Stay Home

3.Follow the Social distancing

4.Wear Mask
Mask wearing techniques IMG_20200405_172116.jpg

5.Talk with anyone with the 1 metre. Distance

6.When you sneez,Use your Elbow not hands


7.Don't Touch your face evenly

8.If you have any symptoms then Self Isolate

9.Don't Be Panic & Follow the Government Guidelines

IMG_20200405_172049.jpg 150120pl119vpo9uz94zip.jpg 150121qnp5yhochvyyy9z8.jpg

10.Do yoga and meditation & Boost your immunity to protect from Corona Virus.

For your Help our Government Has provided Helpline no. :- + 91-11-23978046 or Toll Free:-1075
Government has also launched an app name Arogya Setu for Covid-19 Tracking,That really help's you.

5.Did any medicine and vaccine made for this Virus?
No,Any vaccine or medicine made by scientists.This Virus Can Leave in your body about 14 Days,then it will on one's own killed.
          " Prevention is better than Cure "

What can you do at Home?
At this Time,you only need to stay at home and be safe,If any essential need then you go out.At this time you can enjoy with your family at home.Because very a sudden times you with your family then spend more time to family.At this time you Can play indoor games:-Ludo,Chess etc.,You can read a book,story or any nobel.Watch Ramayan,Mahabhart for learning about mythology.

My experience To Lockdown and Corona Pandemic

Now the days,all airports,train,buses are being closed and no any chance of being travelled.All State Border all being also sealed.All the school's, colleges,office,public place like:-Park,Malls etc. are being closed,But all the essential needs shop are being opened buy in my area all shops are being conduct from 7AM to 10AM and 5PM to 7PM.So I have to go out on every after 2 Days for vegetable and essential needs.When I come go for Bath and help my mom for the daily work and then be Fresh and Active.On 9AM,I watch daily Ramayan and take lesson from it about Mythology.After take the breakfast,I gone for to read nobel and my daily books.After all I also Play Pubg for 20 min. and take Lunch,After Lunch I have take some rest then we all brothers and sisters play along indoor games like:-Ludo,Chess,Buisness.After play take some cookies and tea.Then go to Study and on 9PM watch the Ramayan and Take Dinner,After all go to sleep.And the whole day spend with lot of Hapiness and joy.At last I pray for Corona Warriors and for the whole Country.
Some Pics during Corona Pandemic:-
On 5th April 9:00PM,I was lightning Diya for Our Corona Warriors.
IMG20191027191536-01.jpg IMG_20200406_150919.jpg IMG_20200406_155245.jpg IMG20200118085158-01.jpeg IMG20200406173140.jpg IMG20200407200702.jpg IMG20200409125014.jpg IMG-20190817-WA0000.jpg IMG-20190819-WA0003.jpg

In this situation,I also learning about to Cook some sweets.So,I firstly made our national sweet:-Jalebi

In this Corona Pandemic Situation,ColorOS & Oppo Really helps in many situations:-
1.Music Party app:- Screenshot_2020-04-06-18-33-13-22.png

It's Really Help me to play music with many device at one time and such a cool sound,To Dance and Enjoy Music with my Family.

2.Game Space:-

Screenshot_2020-04-06-18-34-32-88.png Screenshot_2020-04-06-18-35-32-09.png

It Helps me to Play games like Pubg with best network optimization in my village,where network coverage is just average,It gives a smooth optimization in my phone to play smooth and furious gaming.It's Optimize network latency and give a network protection.It also helps to answer message when playing game.

You can also See my result in TDM where play extreme gaming,And a perfect Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.Love you Game Space for this..

3.Multi Screen:-

It Really amazing for me,I connect my Smart TV with it and enjoy online content like youtube,netflix & amazon prime.Enjoy also Gaming on My TV with Big screen.

4.Night Shield Mode:-

It Helps me to Read Notes,Watching YouTube & JioTv in Night,Keep screen warm and don't feel any prick in eye,You also use during in Night.

5.Split Screen:-

Spilit Screen is just a amazing thing that helps me to use 2 app in one time,Using Youtube with keep Notes and mentioning some major points.

6.ColorOS Community:-

It Helps me to Busy during this Lockdown period and some busy and there I am doing my work to reply user's for any question regarding updates,Many Contest also Held here,So I am participating in it and win some more exciting prizes.You also share you Corona Pandemic Story and win.Also I am busy on making many doc of my work in my Internship Moderator group.

Now Current Days,I am also learning Advance Photoshop and Excel also Computer programming and language.
7.Soloop Video Editor:-

In this I also Creating Some interesting Video and learning all features of Soloop.You can also make your video most creative with it.Try it guys.

8.Theme Store:-

Now days I was trying many themes and fonts from theme store,also there some Corona Pandemic related theme.Try guys..

9.App Market:-

Trying Many Apps in App Market such Oppo Relax that keeps our life in Relax during Cororna Pandemic,Also Update my Apps from this..

10.Phone Manager:-
Screenshot_2020-04-14-12-51-13-45.png Screenshot_2020-04-08-12-57-46-30.png

Phone Manger Keeps my phone Space free,optimize my phone for best performance,Payment Protection on Online Banking and a Cool WhatsApp Cleaner.Scan Viruses in my phone and also check my components.Battery Power Consumption Mode is also best to give best life to batter and optimise power consumption in Phone.Battery Saver Mode also helps better.

I request you all to Stay Home And Stay Safe.
Comment your Corona Pandemic Story and what are you doing at Home.

I Hope you enjoy my Story and learned more about Corona Virus.Hope you Stay Healthy.

Keep Following me @Harshit2004 and not miss to send candies that gives me more appreation.

Next Time see me with the new and interesting article.Good Bye and Have a Good Day.Keep Spreading Love and Peace.

Harshit Guru



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Informative and nice story


Harshit2004: Thanks bro.  Posted at 5-4-2020 19:25



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Good article bro


Harshit2004: Thanks bro.  Posted at 6-4-2020 10:40
shaurya raghuvanshi


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oppo A5s wifi net problem


Harshit2004: Pl. provide the feedback of it,then our team will get solution and help you.  Posted at 12-4-2020 06:34

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Nice article bro


Harshit2004: Thanks bro.  Posted at 6-4-2020 17:07


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Street girl


Harshit2004: ??  Posted at 12-4-2020 06:34
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