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「ColorOS Notice」2020 Internship Creator Photographer Posting Guidelines

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Hello ColorOS SuperFANS,

ColorOS welcome you to join「Photo Club」and become ColorOS Creator 2020 Internship Photographer, 「PhotoClub」Community for learning photography skills, a garden of exchanging your photography experience. With photography friends, exchange skills, communicate politely, improve skills together and maintain harmony in the Community. Among the communication with you all, we found that many of you are very talented and need a place to present creativity. Therefore, we plan to open the channel for you to apply to be our ColorOS creators.

This post will help you know how to publish a post inPhoto Clubsection on community

Beautifully pictured photography works not only for enhancing the user's reading experience, but also increases the chance of getting selected to work inPhoto Club, and can become the author or editor of Photo Club, so that your photography content can be more exposed. Attract more users to discuss and communicate with you.

What kind of posts can be published inPhoto Club?

You can share original photography + stories or introduction

No matter whether you're shooting big scenery, portrait, buddings, travel log and so on, whether you use mobile phones or professional SLR, but we hope you have some thoughts about mobile photography, know that mobile photography is not only a beauty cam + filter, understand the relevant basic knowledge, his own photography style and photography skills, refer various types of mobile photography App/ Learn how to use these Apps. All of these can be taken out and communicated.

You can share your thoughts on photography

Communicate on photography skills, teaching & sharing; expressing your experience in learning photography; helping more people get new skills. If you have any questions about photography; there will be someone to answer you.

What kind of posts will be deleted?】

  • Stealing original works of other users, the work is suspected of plagiarism, it shall be judged by the Admin at his discretion.
  • Contents unrelated to photography, the title, and content of the post consisting of pure punctuation, expression, etc. will be removed from the group.
  • For the blank content, or the content is mainly represented by symbols, numbers, graphics, etc., there is no substantive content or only a few words, if there are too many duplicated or mistyped words in the content, a meaningless post(will be).
  • Reproduction of off-site content or works must identify the origin and the original author, and comply with the copyright requirements of the original, such posts in case of copyright disputes, the ColorOS community does not bear any responsibility. For posts that violate the reprinting requirements, 「Photo Club」has the right to delete them at anytime.

What kind of Posts do you send in order to meet the criteria? The following is known.

1.   Title Specification

Photo Club Title Specification: 「Photo Club」+(#Customized Caption#)+ Title(not more than 80 characters)

For Example「Photo Club」 Journeywith ColorOS Community.

For Example「Photo Club」How to Capture Subjects in Motion

2.  Content format specification

Please Refer:「ColorOS Notice」 Community Writing Composition Guide)

3.  Image specification

Make sure that your thread must contatin atleast one image along with the text story behind your captured image to meet the Stamp criteria.

In short, anything you can think have relation to photography can be posted here.

Hope everyone loves our photography friends.  You can find your joy here!

Piyush Rana
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