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「ColorOS Know-How」How AI is Changing Photography

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Dear All, ColorOS Superfans.

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AI in AI Camera stands for Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence which is basically a highly programmed software that turns machines to duplicate the human function in much better way, such as thinking, learning and problem-solving.

How AI is Changing Smartphone Photography

Everyone nowadays started upgrading their phone for better performance, better photography and better look, But next time when you do so, please be careful in choosing your next partner when it is for photography. Manufacturers are now concentrating much on photography compared to olden days, mainly focusing on their AI participation in their photography task. But apart from the hype and efficiency, the AI technology has taken over and grown and improved massively and there is no reason for the current generation to roll back or look behind.

ColorOS photo gallery can be one type of example for AI technology with its outstanding feature that can figure out whether it is a person or pet or things or a place, also make's it searchable and allowing them category wise is amazing one which it would more time for humankind to do manually. ColorOS team has given us this feature after google photos which resemble the same when it is on features.


It's not that simple for a team to come up with such software that does wonders in a matter of time, but consumes quite of a lot of time, experience and research. ColorOS team has invested much of its time to improvise every now and then in order to provide a better AI experience with its products. ColorOS AI technology is well designed and structures that can we run on low powered devices without causing much trouble in processing the task.

The AI Camera really works a lot of internal things that we cannot even imagine that our one single click of the camera button would do in the matter to time to make quality images. These include camera setting and image processing, automatic shutter speed and exposure, saturation, colour depth, dynamic range and also contrast. But the really satisfying things you don't notice even tiny part of behind image processing like aperture and ISO, or White Balance which makes AI so powerful and makes everyone to go for it.


Now, AI can recognise the scene and make alternation as per the scene beforehand for you to shoot better, all you got to do is point your camera the right direction, then AI start working on adjusting the aperture and ISO, or White Balance to give you the best shot. What we may not notice is the behind the scenes actions that are performed by the AI, what we cannot do so perfect like AI as per the scene to determine what scene type it's looking at and also adjust light conditions in the blink of an eye. Also the dynamic exposure and colour correction and some cool effects ready to take place in a matter of time.

So, How does it work?
There are things which we need to take a deeper look to understand better on AI Camera and its image processing. let's dive in

HDR for Preserving Details: The updated AI HDR technology which optimizes the exposure and its error based on the scene recognition and makes sure the photo revamps the image quality with no compromises, and the AI image processing just come in place to ensure to restores hair, dress and face details with the enhanced finished product.


Low Light HDR: This function takes place when there is no sufficient light present as per the scene recognised by the AI technology and just after the shutter button is triggered will start processing for 4-6 pre-shoot at EV0 and underexposure shots ensuring to retain brightness and enough of details of the scene.


Ultra Night Mode: Ultra Night Mode pervade technology such as HDR for Preserving Details, AI mode, Time-Space Domain Multiple Noise Reduction, Anti-shaking, and Color Protection. Optimizes the brightness, sharpness, and colour enhancement of night mode.


Alignment Algorithm: To make sure to produce a brighter and clear picture, ColorOS team has spent much time in creating the best aligning algorithm to give a great output. Alignment Algorithm guarantees to optimize accuracy for multi-frame synthesis even the device is slightly shaken.

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Ultra Night Mode also check on the frame orientation at the different scenario as per AI adjustments and adjust the frame of the picture from motion to provide a better result.


AI Noise Reduction: ColorOS team done research on noise level using thousand of picture reading for AI to give output lowering the noise as per the scenario under low light in accordance with different ISO. ColorOS AI technology is capable of producing one of the finest and precise details even under low light with this technology.

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We have come to the end of this thread but assume that this is all of it but they are more things that AI do like Super Zoom Super-Resolution Algorithm, Merging before Cropping for Better Effect, Super Zoom Text Optimization, White Balance for Multiple Focal Lengths, Super Zoom Anti-Shake Algorithm, HIS Anti-Shake Technology, ZSL Frame Capturing from Front Camera. Though I can give all such in detail I always prefer to go with short and sweet thread which will make my reader not feel boring.
Hope you all like it

Let me wrap my lap and come back with a new article for you all, Thank you
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