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「ColorOS Know-How」Customized Icons Based On Your Specific Needs

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Dear All, ColorOS Superfans.


Its a great pleasure to meet you guys through my articles again, Well for some time now, I have been using Reno 3 Pro and to be frank, the experience is splendid as usual that too with ColorOS 7 top of it, The experience of mine has gone so good with the plenty of features to explore and experience.

Customized Icons Based On Your Specific Needs

We all have more exposure to the varieties of phones and its looks and functions, though, we use only one for daily use and personally and it obvious that we all tend to get bored in the day by day usage. So users were in demanding for Theme and related customizations like Icons, Wallpapers, Home screen and such. As always ColorOS team has been collecting and listening to what users demanding and worked on bringing those in the latest version of ColorOS


Oppo users are so happy using ColorOS7 with the features that have been developed to offer a tremendous experience for users. User is most likely to experience and explore new features in every upgrade and this ColorOS7 has amazed everyone. One of the most demanded features from user globally was the customization of icons and their sizes.
Let's check how it's done:

Step 1: Open Settings

enter settings.jpg

First things first, Your version of the software should ColorOS 7 and check for the settings icon and open settings of your smartphone.
Step 2: Select Home Screen and Lock Screen Magazine


Once you are in the Settings, find the “Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine” option and open it.

Step 3: Get into Personalization


This option won't is in highlighting but as in grey as category splitter, Once you click on the "Set Icon Style, you will find to customize icons on your smartphone.

Step 4: Choose and customize


Here we have two categories in order to customize your icon style and one is standard and the other one is icon background with icon size customizations. The first one we see "Default" which offers standard icon style


Material style: You can understand from the name itself its has got a materialistic design which is mostly liked by users( this opinion is mine) and you may have a different one as per your observations.


Pebble: This one is kind of blending of the other two which looks similar to most other launchers offers and the designs suits to all wallpapers due to the rounded corners and offers a great view on your home screen


Custom: The most important part is here and gives you ability to unleash your creativity. There is another window with three new different customisation options :



Icon Size: You get to see sliders to resize icons and its background as per your choice which can suit your current theme and interest. and there are such features in ColorOS 7 which is really very useful and make's it feel more personal.

We have come to the end of this thread with a hope that you will be beneficial and enjoy my threads. Support my work with your comments and its the best you can do to keep me doing this for long

Let me wrap my lap and come back with a new article for you all, Thank you
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Never stop learning
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