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「ColorOS Know How」Celebrating Ramadan

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Ramadan is the best time to make or break a habit.

Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsup guys I'm back with another amazing article before i begin.I want to wish everyone

I'm here with the same energetic spirit and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are doing great and Celebrating Ramadan nicely.

Today i am here with an amazing Topic which is on "Celebrating Ramadan"

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

Celebrating Ramadan

Today I'm going to explain about Ramadan & how to Celebrate Ramadan During Lockdown

What is Ramadan ?

-Ramadan is a Holy-Month whereby all muslims are dedicated towards prayers(SALAH),asking forgiveness from ALLAH,recitation,Introspection & Fasting during Sunlight Hours.Ramadan is along religious observance that takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calender.it is believed by Muslims to be the time when the first verses of Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by Allah.That specific event is known as Laylat al-Qadr.

What Do Practicing Muslims Do During Ramadan ?

-Fasting is a big part of observing Ramadan.In fact,fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.The other four are testimony of faith,charitable giving,prayer and making apilgrimage to Mecca.Muslims are expected to fast from all food and drink,including water, from dawn until sunset each day during Ramadan.

Why Do Muslims Fast During Ramadan ?

-The idea is that fasting,as well as praying and doing good deeds,will help to promote self-discipline and bring your closer to ALLAH.

Who can Skip Fast ?

1. The insane

2. Children who aren't adolescent yet

3. The elderly and chronically ill for whom fasting is unreasonably strenuous;such persons are required to feed at least one poor person everyday in Ramadan for which he or she has missed fasting.

4. The ill and the travellers can aslo defer their fasting.
Allah says in the Qur'an,Surah Al-Baqara
But if anyone is ill, or on a journey,the prescribed period should be made up by days later.Allah intends every facility for you;He or she doesn't want to put you to difficulties.

5. Women during the period of menstruation.Fasting during these periods i forbidden and should be made up later, a day for a day.

Ramadan  Don'ts

Things To Avoid In Ramadan

DON'T eat, drink, or smoke in public. There will be designated areas in public spaces, but if it isn't clear, it's best to avoid them until you get home.

DON'T tell your Muslim friends you're thinking about fasting to lose weight. Fasting symbolises so much more than that and this can be quite offensive to those who observe Ramadan. The truth is, most people end up gaining weight during Ramadan due to the irregular eating patterns and heavy meals. You're more than welcome to fast if you're a non-Muslim, but make sure it's for the right reasons.

DON'T listen to loud music. Keep your headphone volume down this month, as loud music may be considered offensive to those who are observing Ramadan.

DON'T worry if it sounds like a lot is going to change. Ramadan is a peaceful, quiet time of the year that should be enjoyed – and it only lasts a month.

DON'T get into debates, arguments or fights during Ramadan. It is the month of peace and serenity. Swearing in public is particularly offensive during Ramadan.

DON'T kiss or hug your partner or friends of the opposite sex in public. While this is a rule to bear in mind throughout the rest of the year, demonstrative acts of affection with members of the opposite sex will cause particular offence during Ramadan.

DON'T refuse an Iftar when invited (if possible)  but during lockdown caused by coronavirus its recommeded to stayhome and staysafe.

DON'T worry if all these rules feel like a lot. Ramadan is a peaceful and serene time that only lasts a month so try and enjoy it while it's here.

How To Celebrate Ramadan during Lockdown

I made a short video on Celebrating Ramadan have a look on it.

DO wish your Muslim friends and colleagues a happy Ramadan. You may even wish them in Arabic by saying “Ramadan Kareem.”

DO dress appropriately. There are already guidelines on how to dress in public, but you should be especially aware of your fashion choices during Ramadan. Ideally, make sure your clothes cover your shoulders and knees.

DO be patient. Work might be a little less productive and things may not run as smoothly as they usually do during Ramadan. Your colleagues who are fasting may be a little more tired than usual, so be patient with them.

DO follow SUNNAH Ways

DO Perform Taraweeh at home

DO Prepare traditional culture foods enjoy with your family.if your missing any family member who is stucked during lockdown thenmake a videocall and break fast together.

DON'T forget to take Sehri thats really important it gives power to last longer.

DO celebrate this eid simple as all markets are closed.

DO start cleaning your House for Eid

DO Decorate your house. If you didn't decorate for iftar, decorating for Eid al Fitr can be fun, Lanterns, moons, and stars are traditional, but you can decorate however you see fit.

Don't forget to give to those in need. Though the fasting has drawn to a close, charity is still important. In fact, many consider it more important during Eid al Fitr. Consider giving money to those in need and volunteering your time to help others.

However we all are dedicated so much toward devotion praying alot,waking up early for Sehri(before meal) we endup getting tired soon and lack of sleep is there too.The best solution is Using OPPO RELAX which is filled with nature sounds.Whenever I'm tired or not getting proper amount of sleep i simply use it to Relax my soul and trust really helps me to get sleep early.


Tutorial Video on OPPO RELAX

Guys, lets keep this for today. I have never made such kind of article before,if someone got hurt i am sorry.

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Nice Thread & Information!

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