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「 ColorOS News 」OPPO Precautions for Corona

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********** OPPO Precautions for Corona **********

Hi, All Our Amazing Fans,
Guys today i am back with an another new topic, which you guys will fell very useful too. Today i am back with an intresting news where The OPPO Mobiles have taken lot of precautions for Corona spread. OPPO has followed a lot of steps to be safe on this period. Even OPPO Customer Care at home has solving many questions as soon as possible. Even we get instant reply on major questions from OPPO Customer care at home. On other side we get answer in single text from oppo chat bot where we will be speaking that later on this article.  OPPO is the first manufacturer or company to to extend a helping hand in the fight against the novel coronavirus. The OPPO has contributed Rs 1 crore in aggregate towards the Prime Ministers National relief fund and Uttar Pradesh Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund to ensure the well-being of frontline workers fighting the virus outbreak.


Precautions Taken:

Safely made in India, for India. Flag of India @OPPO smartphones are manufactured at our production facilities across the nation by taking all the necessary precautions. We are also committed to support the #MakeInIndia initiative with all our efforts. As per MR. Tasleem Arif (Vice President | Head India R&D).


OPPO Mobiles Helping India Fight COVID-19 Battle:

OPPO Mobiles has become India's first smartphone manufacturer to extend a helping hand in the fight against the novel coronavirus. The company has contributed Rs 1 crore in aggregate towards the Prime Ministers National relief fund and Uttar Pradesh Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund to ensure the well-being of frontline workers fighting the virus outbreak.
Not just that, as a brand, OPPO has initiated an Online Repair Service that will help its users across the country with basic troubleshooting and software related issues. In addition to this, the company has also extended the warranties on all its products to May 31, 2020, and has postponed the launch of OPPO Enco M31 keeping in mind the safety and security of all its workers and customers in the country.


OPPO India issued a statement in this regard that said, “This is a challenging time for all of us as we are facing an unprecedented pandemic due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe. We salute all the people who continue to work, even in these tough times, so that we are safe in our houses and essential services continue to function. We will continue to assess the situation and will do everything we can to offer support to the community. Tough times never last and we feel confident that we can get through this together.”


The fact that the biggest companies of the world are joining the fight against coronavirus will be a big push to India in ensuring the safety of its citizens. While a global crisis is inevitable in the coming weeks due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, contributions, both big and small, by all these major conglomerates will help reduce the impact faced by Indians.
Here's to standing together. To support India's battle against #COVID19, we are donating INR 1 Crore during this tough time. We urge you all to #StayHomeStaySafe and defeat this unprecedented pandemic together.


Coronavirus(COVID-19) for customers:

Since the coronavirus outbreak, a series of measures have been progressively implemented by MOH to reduce the spread of virus.
In line with announcement, we are about to implement the following precautions at our OPPO service centre from 8th April:

- All customers will measure temperature and fill in health declaration form prior to entry.

- Have to stand behind the line mark out spacing to maintain at least 1 metre apart.

- Jurong pick up point will shut down temporarily with effect from 8th April 2020, reopen time need to wait for further notice.

Meanwhile, you may also access our other channels below to approach our friendly staffs. We're standing in solidarity with our employees during this difficult time by producing the surgical masks at our facility under #MakeInIndia initiative. These masks will be provided to OPPO's employees & their families, to support them in the battle against #COVID19.


OPPO ChatBot:

Oppo launched interactive AI-powered chatbot solution for its users in India. Dubbed Ollie, it is the first AI-powered chatbot to be launched by a smartphone brand in the country. It is exclusively available on WhatsApp. The intention behind this chatbot solution is to improve customer services and user experience.

Ollie is powered by Artificial Intelligence. This chatbot solution on WhatsApp can resolve users' queries related to Oppo smartphones 24×7. Notably, it offers a personalized user experience and works as an infrrface connecting the company and users by providing answers to their queries. Oppo has designed Ollie in such a way that it generates natural conversations between prospective customers and the company. This way, it services as a professional guide and offers personalized solutions depending on the users' requirements. Ollie supports text conversations via WhatsApp and providers real-time solutions to the users' queries.

The personalized solutions offered by the company provides an effective and efficient communication between the company and users. Also, it will provide them with responses such as price of Oppo smartphones, information regarding spare parts and other services provided by the company.


How To Reach Oppo Ollie:

The chatbot number to reach Oppo Ollie will be integrated in the upcoming Oppo smartphones to ensure a convenient and seamless user experience for potential buyers. Besides this, smartphone users can also interact with the chatbot and look for real-time assistance by saving this number - '+91-9871502777.

Oppo Ensures Seamless User Experience:

To ensure that users enjoy a seamless experience, Oppo has made opened over 500 exclusive service centers that are located in the key cities and regions across the country. Also, the company notes that its service centers have a record of resolving nearly 95% of mobile repair cases in an hour. It is the company's policy to provide 30 days of replacement in case of any functional defect. Also, it offers free software updates beyond the warranty period.


What We Think About Ollie:

Now, with the introduction of the Oppo Ollie, it is clear that the company wants to ensure a seamless user experience for both existing and potential users. This is definitely a welcome move from the brand. As it is accessible via WhatsApp, it will be easy to reach for users.


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All precautions taken and stay Home to fight Against Corona Virus
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