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Hello ColorOS Family,

I hope everyone is doing well, I'm back again with my another fresh article In today's article I'm going to talk about some tools which will help you in making your Instagram feed better and stand out of others!

So let's Start today's article without wasting any time.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In fact, around 1 billion people use Instagram every single month – that's around 13 percent of the world's population to pop out from this crowd you need to know some apps which will help you in standing out from crowd.

1. The first and most helpful app I'm going to share in today's article is Insights for Instagram.

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Insights for Instagram app allows you to know who unfollowed you, who is not following you back, and most important who is not engaging with your post. Even you can see someone's Display Picture in full size and can download their post and stories very easily Anonymously and many other functions described below.

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You can download the app from here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.karn.insights

· App UI ( User Interface ) is simple and seamless. When you open the app after installing you'll see log in page for your Instagram account! This app is safe you can log in using your Username and password of your Instagram account or you can also log in using your Facebook account.

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After logging in you'll see the home page of this app showing No. of your FOLLOWERS , FOLLOWING, MUTUAL ( Accounts that also follow you back ), FANS ( Accounts that you do not follow back ), UNREQUITED ( Accounts not following you back) Moving down you'll see the section of Other relationships where you'll fine GHOST (INACTIVE) FOLLOWERS and RECENT UNFOLLOWS. After it I'm tools section you'll find PROFILE & STORY TOOLS. Then you'll move to Analytics section where you'll find ACCOUNT STATS, TAG PERFORMANCE, and TRENDS.

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· Ghost followers- The best function of this app that I love is that it allows you to see the Ghost followers ( Ghost followers are the followers who have not liked your last few posts. The feature is limited to 4 posts to prevent your account from being rate-limited). Click on this and every user from your followers shown in your ghost followers list! Not liking your pic will to engagement drop of your account.

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· Recent unfollows- You can see the list of people who have unfollowed you recently and can them reason why they unfollowed you and can also unfollow them by seeing the list.

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· Profile tools- Profile tools help you to see anyone's Display Picture in big size as Instagram shows DP in very small size you can use this feature to see someone's DP. Even you can watch someone's story anonymously and can download their stories or photos.

· Just enter username or display of profile from where you want to download photos and stories or to see DP and watching stories anonymously.

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· Account statics- This Function allows you to see the Average number of likes, average no of comments on your posts and Engage rate ( Percentage of followers who engage with your content). Based on your last 4 posts.

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· Tag Performance- This function allows you to see which tags has performed well, from which tag you have got more likes this feature is still in beta version and being tested no may not be entirely accurate.

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· Trends- This Section shows the graph your followers, following, Fans, Unrequited and mutual increased-decreased in last few days.

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2. Second most useful app to make your Instagram feed unique is Planner for Instagram: GARNY.

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You're dreaming about a perfect Instagram profile, trying to select the best photo to be harmonious and consistent with your Instagram content, aren't you?

Garny will help you achieve it! Preview your photos before posting them on Instagram with Garny!

Finally all you need in one app!


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· Plan & Preview your Instagram Feed- Yes you can check how your feed will look before posting your photo! Simply add your photos in GARNY app and see how it looks, you can swap photo's, even you can drag and drop tour photos to check where it looks cool. And post the sequence you made in GARNY app. You can plan your future post's hassle free.

download (73).jpg

* Add photos & videos & carousels

* Add multiple media items at once from Gallery

* Drag & Drop to rearrange

* Swap to rearrange

* Multiple Instagram accounts

* Schedule photos & videos & carousels (*For now Garny doesn't auto-post to Instagram. Push notification is sent as a reminder)

* Add a caption to a post

* Create & Add hashtag collections

* Save photos & videos & carousels & hashtags by Instagram link

* Repost photos & videos with/without description.

Source ( Google Play Store)
Download link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.garny

3. Third and last useful app for standing out of Crowd is MOJITO – Story art maker, Story editor.

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Mojito Story Art is the best Instagram story editor and story maker that offers more than 500 templates and frames to help you edit Instagram stories, edit snap gram, create extraordinary stories, and even cover headlines! Mojito Insta editor can also help you create beautiful layout for Instagram stories. You can create stories on a blank canvas and customize them with text, stickers, frames, templates and brush features. Mojito Insta story editor is a free tool for story writers. Use the toolkit, the Mojito designer to create story collages with styles, white borders, and special fonts & text with photos and videos.

Create beautiful and interesting stories with a minimalist and elegant template. Also lots of well designed Instagram frames provide for you.

download (79).jpg

Features of this app

· Templates: 500+ Instagram collage templates with different styles and borders that help you create Insta stories and Instagram highlight covers.

· Fonts: 5 fonts of advanced text tools for Instagram editing. Set the atmosphere for your story.

· Photo & Video Support: We support photo and video media. Edit stories as you wish.

· No Account Required: Just download Mojito (Best Ig Story Editor and Story Art Maker) and start to make stories art. No strings attached.

· All resources including templates, collages, layout, highlight icons, logos, fonts will be updated frequently.

Source (Google Play Store)

Download from here:- https://play.google.com/store/ap ... m.story.art.collage

That's all for today's article I hope you loved it and found this article useful. Do follow me for more Amazing and Useful articles every weeks.

Also I want to thanks my friend and core member of ColorOS community @Amit_T for helping me in writing this article!

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