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Hello ColorOS Fans !


I hope you are all doing well, and still is surviving the quarantine days we are having right now! Please always make sure to stay safe, wear mask and don’t go out too much! I am now here with a new article, and it will be all about the mountains I’ve been to for the past years. I’ve been into three mountain peaks already namely – Sanchez Peak (2017), Mt. Loay (2019) and Leyson Park (2019).
    Mountains has been on the bucket list of many people – like me! I find it very exciting and adventurous thing to do. Even though, the climb will always be the hardest part, but it is all worth it once you reach the top of the mountain. All sweat you’ve had while climbing up will be gone and will be replaced with a very refreshing view and cool wind that will blow all your worries away.
     I’ll first share with you our climb to Mt. Loay last 2019, together with my cousins. Mt. Loay is located in Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur and is considered as a minor climb for most seasoned hikers. The trail is easy to follow as there is some signs that shows you the way to go, and we didn’t have any guide when we hiked Mt. Loay. There are also some stores at each stop, and they sell foods and drinks for hikers.
     I’ll now go ahead and share some photos I took during the climbs I’ve had. Stay tuned!


At the beginning of our path to the top of Mt. Loay, you will see this tower which is used for connections in the area.  This is just one of the towers you will see on the way to the peak.


One thing that won’t be missing when climbing a mountain are the trees, grasses and the blue sky. This was taken in broad daylight while we were still on the way to the top of Mt. Loay.


Now, you can see some of the nearby mountains as well as a little part of the world below! Almost there!


These are some of the steps we’ve had when climbing the top. It was real hard to climb in a path like this especially when you didn’t get enough exercise before traversing in a mountain. So, when you’re thinking of hiking, please make sure to do proper exercise weeks before so that your body will be conditioned on the day of the hike!


A bunch of greener trees! And I am also really tired during this time since it was already hours since we were climbing the mountain up. Lol.


      This happened when we reached the top, it was all foggy and can’t even see the city down below. It started to be foggy when we were in the middle of our hike, but didn’t expect this when we reached the top. But overall, it was still a very good climb and I also enjoyed a lot! The wind was so cool and refreshing, like the wind we would all want to taste in our cities. Given that, it is also amazing that we were able to climb this one which took us almost 4 hours!
       And what would you expect us to do after the tiring hike? Well, take a rest. It was also a very good place to relax and forget all of your worries given that it is also so quiet at the peak.

IMG_20200608_023525_187.jpg .   IMG_20200608_023521_370.jpg

A silhouette I made to represent the beautiful sky and the trees below.  And when taking a rest means, you can lie down on the ground and even take a nap! Here’s the shoes that I used to climb Mt. Loay which at the end became so dirty. It’s not advisable to wear white shoes, but if you’re strong enough, then feel free to do so! Lol. I’ve got some other shots that I would want to share with you while we were climbing Mt. Loay, so here are some.

IMG_20200608_023519_442.jpg . . IMG_20200608_023515_525.jpg

Those are other photos I can share with you; I actually still have a lot more but that would be it for now.


        You can also try hiking if you haven’t yet and please make sure to bring necessary things like your water bottle, camera and phone!
Anyway, all photos was taken with Oppo A5S and most photos are unedited
I also want to express my gratitude to @Amit  for always making sure that we will be able to submit a good article. Have a blast everyone! Take care! Do follow and share your experience in the comment section....

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Loved it!

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Thankss! ♥️
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