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Hi ColorOS fans!


    It’s been a week already and I hope everyone is doing great! Summer time in our country is already over and I still can’t resist looking at my clicks of beaches!
    I know that because of this pandemic, we were not able to enjoy our time in crowded places like the beaches, malls and parks. But what I truly miss the most is the breeze of the sea and its clear waters. I can barely remember the last time I was able to go to the beach, but here I am writing this to share with you some of the photos I took during last year summer. And I know, it is not only me who loves beaches! A lot of people do, and for me, aside from hiking, this if my escape from reality. I just want to have a very refreshing night at the beach with my friends and family and just enjoy the view.
Let’s not make this too long now. Here we go!


     A morning in the beach is all I needed right now, I have to say, but this one was taken like almost a year ago. This is actually not the typical high-end beach resorts we go to, but is just very near my cousin’s house. Every night, you’ll hear the waves crashing with each other and it’s just so beautiful to wake up and seeing this view.


     Palm trees is one of the most typical type of tree we see in beaches. This is also located in my cousin’s place in Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur. And I really miss the breeze out there and watching the sky and the sea as one. Winds are so refreshing in this place and I also love hearing the waves!


     I must say that a starfish is very rare to be seen in our beaches here. But is a beauty to see too! But to say honestly, I am scared of touching starfishes but overcome it when we were on this beach last year which is a 3-hour drive from the city.


      I took this photo of my cousin when we were on a beach trip at London Beach, one of the high-class resorts we have in our city – General Santos City. I’ll have to say that it was somewhat hard for me to take this photo because of the waves, but thanks to photo burst, it made it easy for me!


     A different pose, different shape of water and different lighting used! This was taken on the same beach we went to last year for an outing.


    One thing that I really love about beaches is that it offers you something that any part of nature can give. I also love taking clicks of the waves but they are unedited yet, so let me share this one with you! This is also taken at London Beach, and I just so love the color I used into this one. Lol.


    Well, I just love taking photos like this. It shows me where my feet lands on and to show people the places I went to. Portrait mode made it easy to take photos like this!


    And this is exactly what I say that the sky and the sea as one. Both are in the same color – blue, which is sometimes associated with depth, trust and loyalty. Well, what can I say? The sea and the sky are loyal with each other!


    And here’s me embracing the sky and the sea! This photo was taken by my cousin – last year as well. All that I can just say is that I deserve this!
So, that’s it! I hope you guys liked it. The beach is a very relaxing and refreshing place to be, I can say. So, if you plans to visit Philippines next time, let me know so that I can take you in a tour! Philippines actually has a lot of beautiful places to go to and I hope you guys will be able to visit soon.
     Anyway, photos was taken with Oppo A5S & Oppo Reno2f, and edited with VSCO .

Thank you for @Amit_T  for the patience and understanding while I make this article. I do hope that you guys will have a blast!
Follow me for more such articles and do check out my previous work....

Take care & stay safe!

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