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「ColorOS Skills」Mobile Photography World Part1

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A Photograph is a secret about a secret.The more it tells you less you know.

~Diane Arbus

Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsup guys I'm back with another cool article with the same energy and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are fine an doing great in your life.

Today i am here with an amazing Photography Topic which is on "Mobile Photography World"

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

Topic 1. Lets Understand Our Camera

Today I'm going to explain about our camera, how it operates and few common terms as well.Our

Breaking Down Our Phones

maxresdefault (3).jpg

This is how mobile looks after Teardown,Camera is made up of many components.We are going see each component.

1. The Image Sensor


Image Sensor is made of light sensitive pixels.This is the point whereby magic happens.The Image Sensor simply controls amount of time needed to click the photo also the sensor captures and records the light and electronically creates digital photo.

2. Lens


In simple words lens is how our camera sees the world and capture the light.They're alot of tiny pieces of glass known as elements and lens also contains aperture.You know the light bends through the lens allowing us to see throught it.

3. Camera


You guys might be wandering whats this ?.This is our camera housed inside this little device.We can clearly see aperture in the front here.In this it includes alot of technology in tiny space.

Controlling Exposure

There are 3 main key elements to capture an exposure


1. Aperture


In simple words aperture controls light or in other words is the opening at the front of the lens to allow light to pass through.Mostly Aperture comes in different sizes depending on the phone.You know Aperture is measured in F-Stops or F-numbers E.G F2.2


Aperture also controls Depth of Field as well and Aperture cannot be changed unlike on a camera.

2. Shutter Speed


In simple words Shutter Speed controls Speed or in other words is a electronic device sensor that determines how long the sensor is exposed to light.Usually this can be controlled only in PRO/MANUAL Mode.


Shutter Speed can also control motion and blur movement.

3. ISO


In simple words ISO controls sensitivity to light.ISO are automatically controlled by the camera in most cases but it can be adjusted in Pro/Manual Mode.ISO will be automatically increased in lower light condition or decrease in too much.

Note:- Noise will be created at higher ISO ranges.

The Exposure Triangle



In simple words resolutions are made up of pixels.The amount of pixels are known as Resolution.You know 1 Million Pixels is a Megapixel.The more pixels the more great zoom capability but remember not a better looking photograph!.Usually pixels are multiplied height by width.Pixels can only be one solid color or tone and also pixel size is determined by the image sensor size only.

Guys, lets keep this for today. I'm trying my best to provide useful and helpful articles.

Comment below your thoughts and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything but do Comment your reviews

Let me wrap my lap and come back super duper soon with a new article for you, Thank you.

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Guys I'm running out of ideas for article so please comment down on which topic you want next article to be on.

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Once Again Thanks for your continuous love towards ColorOS

Awesome article is coming,Stay tuned for that till then see you, have a good day, bye

Signing off
~ Zaki Arif Ali
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