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Good day ColorOS Fan's!


    I hope that everyone’s doing well right now and is having so much fun! So here I am with a new article that I want to share with you all. This is all about what I use to edit my photos before I post them out on Instagram, or just editing because I’m bored. Lol.
Editing our photos is last step as we want to deliver quality photos to our viewers. And there is a very wide range of photo editing applications, ranging from the free ones and to the applications that you need to purchase in order to take advantage of its full capabilities. These applications also have a wide range of features and tools such as filters, brightness, vignette and cropping. In that way, you can take control on how you want a certain image to be.
I actually use a lot of editing applications and sometimes use two of them in a single photo. These applications include Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express, VSCO, Snapseed and Fltr. And I will discuss two of them first because Adobe Lightroom and Fltr might come in handy together.


“Adobe Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app. It empowers you in your photography, helping you to capture and edit stunning images. With easy-to-use image editing tools like sliders, or filters for pictures, photo editing is made simple. Retouch full resolution photos, apply photo filters, or start photo editing wherever you are.”
© Adobe Lightroom in Play store
This is one of the photo editing apps that I currently use to deliver my photographs to the world. Let me show you how I use this app with a sample.
Note: I’ll be using a photo that I edited before. And before I edited this with Adobe Lightroom, I edited it with VSCO first.
First step? You just need to choose a photo that you want to edit. After you have selected a photo, you can now go ahead and start editing the photo!


First thing I do is choose a filter that will suit with the photo that I am editing. There are actually a wide variety of filters that you can find on the app itself, and sometimes this is where Fltr can be used since it offers a variety of filters that you can use for free or purchase.

Second is adjust its lighting. Since this photo was edited first with VSCO, I only made minimal light changes in this photo which resulted into this one.


Third, adjust the color which will suit to the theme of the photo that you want to show. Minimal changes were also made on the color part, ranging from its temperature and saturation.


Fourth, play with the effects part where you can play with the photo’s texture, clarity and even with the vignette. I seldomly use the texture part to give more details to the photo.


Fifth, is where I edit the detail of the photo and make it sharper. I am actually a fan of using vibrant colors in a photo that I edit, and is not yet used to black and white editing as well. So, take time to slide the selections on this part and stop when you think you already found the perfect spot.


And lastly, save the photo!

So, that’s how I edit my photos. I know that the steps I’ve provided is not that detailed, so based on the research I made, here are 10 Adobe Lightroom Tips and Tricks:

1.        Shoot Raw
2.        Presets
3.        Exposure
4.        White Balance
5.        Colors
6.        Noise
7.        Perspective
8.        Crop
9.        Healing
10.        Selective Edits

Reference: Edgar Cervantes, 2020, accessed 19 June 2020 https://www.androidauthority.com/adobe-lightroom-tips-1029583/

And now, let me give a background of what Fltr is.


“FLTR provides free presets for Lightroom CC. In collaboration with professional photographers, designers & bloggers we collected the variety of mobile LR presets. Edit any photo, apply filters, effects & make awesome pics right on your mobile device. Take your photos to the next level!”

© Free Presets for Lightroom – FLTR on Google Play Store

IMG_20200622_054930_456.jpg . IMG_20200622_054931_196.jpg

This application will provide you a variety of presets that can you can use as you edit your photos and you can also save the preset in Lightroom so that it will be much easier when you start to edit your photo. Here’s a look into the app!

IMG_20200622_054933_686.jpg . IMG_20200622_054934_971.jpg

    So, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this article and find it educational. I’ll discuss more about how I edit my photos next time!

    Thanks to @Amit_T  for guiding us all in making our articles and always checking for us. This is a very great opportunity for us all to show what we have.
I’ll have to end this now, have a blast everyone!
Show some love and do follow me for more exciting articles....


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