[ColorOS Event] International Women in Engineering Day (1/2)

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Hi ColorOS FANs,

This time we came up with entirely new topic '​International Women in Engineering Day'. Every year this day is celebrated on 23rd June.
In this article we would like to bring some insights on Women engineer's life in OPPO, like why they choose OPPO as career, what they feel working at OPPO, what message they want to give to young girls who want to be engineers in future.

We have discussed with 3 of our women engineers who are working at Hyderabad R&D centre and play a key role in creating excellent product for awesome FANs like you.
We ask few questions about their journey and experiences as a women engineer, let's see what they answered.

1. K. JYOTHIRMAYI - Chief Engineer ColorOS Team


Why did you choose this career? What's your career planning?
Jyothirmayi: I was always inquisitive in Science & Maths in my younger years. Then, I discovered that it was the engineering skills needed everywhere in the world, to improve the way we work, travel, communicate and entertain. Since then my dream was to become an Engineer. Initially I was interested in the field of Communication theory in Electronics. Later, I developed interest towards Software technologies during my masters in IIIT Bangalore and understood that programming is my strength during my research in Kaiserslautern university, Germany.
I joined OPPO R&D in October 2019 after working for 8 years with two giant mobile communication R&D centres. OPPO has great work culture and goals which are aligned to my vision & career goals which has made me choose this company. I was always curious in doing new things and had always questioned myself "Why can't we do it differently?" or "Why didn't we follow this way?". I wish to implement practical solutions with my learnings on trending technologies like Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence and deliver to the users across the globe.

As a woman, how do you feel working in OPPO?
Jyothirmayi: Working for OPPO R&D was exciting for me since day one. I am lucky to be part of self-motivated and intellectual team members who never think of any boundaries when at work. I was never discriminated based on my gender or my family status. I have seen several great teams here who never limit them self and this is what I admire at workplace. It's a pleasure to work with optimistic leaders & like-minded peers. I was able to mingle with my peers be it at workplace or business trips.

What's the difficulty you have faced working as a female engineer. How did you get over them?
Jyothirmayi: Managing children, house and career remains a challenge for most females, in any profession. Regardless, I always believe that engineering profession involves a lifetime of continuous learning to adapt to changes in society and the natural world. It often involves working in multidisciplinary, muti-cultural, multi-site teams. It is a very worthwhile profession, and the results, when you succeed, can be incredibly satisfying. This passion is driving me to work every day. OPPO has always given the flexibility of work time and is considerate about family status while assigning the tasks like late night support work. When needed at most for late night support, OPPO has given me an opportunity of working from home.

Have you ever get care especially for women in OPPO?
Jyothirmayi: Yes, I have got a special care in OPPO. I was never asked to work on weekends and during odd working hours. I got opportunity to work for interesting projects and my leaders were always supportive.

Please leave a message for girls who also want to be an engineer like you.
Jyothirmayi: In a fast-paced world with everyone wanting it “THE SUCCESS” in real-time, it is more important than ever to continue to grow professionally and personally. Steps to help you grow professionally
·      Keep yourself motivated
·      Give your best on your daily activities
·      Continuous learning
·      Take new challenges

Don't Limit Your Challenges,Challenge Your Limits


Jyothirmayi @Work

2. Kajal Nayal - Chief Engineer Testing


Question: When did you join OPPO? What's your career planning? Why do you choose this career?
Kajal: At childhood I wanted to join the armed forces, as my inspiration my father served the Indian Navy. But it took a turn and I join Engineering and I feel my self very fortunate that I got placement in reputed companies in my final year.
After joining my 1st Company I loved my work, I was very passionate about it. I am always keen to learn new technology, I started my carrier from manual testing, now I am handling the India Google certification team. I have never stopped My journey towards achieving perfection, I love my work.

As a woman, how do you feel working in OPPO?
Kajal: As a woman, I feel very safe and secure in OPPO. I never faced any kind of discrimination between the male and female employees, I always got an appreciation for my hard work which motivates me a lot to put my best at the workplace. OPPO always motivates female employees and conducts various events to celebrate womanhood.
OPPO believes in women empowerment.

What's the difficulty you have faced working as a female engineer. How did you get over them.
Kajal: As a working individual, I had faced difficulties in my early 20s, as I belong to a region where most of the girls are married at an early age, and at that time i realize that being independent is so much important than being married, so I choose my carrier over everything, I had a lot of clashes with my family member but finally, with the support of my parents, I continue my job and started my never-ending journey towards my dreams. Now I am 29 and I am happily unmarried.
Difficult times come in everybody's life but at that time we need to keep calm and just believe in yourself.

Have you ever get care especially for women in OPPO?
Kajal: Yes, I got the special care from OPPO, recently due to corona breakdown there was Lockdown in India for almost 2 months, and during that time my PG got closed and didn't have any place to live in. In this panic situation, OPPO helped me to stay in company apartments and make sure that I am comfortable there and take proper precautions for disinfecting the office and apartment where I had to stay. For this, I am very thankful to OPPO.

What is your message for girls who also want to be an engineer like you?
Kajal: For every girl out there, who wants to live their life full of dreams and hope, I only want to say that you just need to believe in yourself and follow your passion.
In the journey, you will find a lot of difficulties but don't lose courage,  fight with every situation, for every difficulty you overcome brings you one step closer towards achieving your goals.

Be Fearless, Be Fabulous


Kajal's workplace

3. Saritha Bandaru - Chief Engineer Camera Application


When do you join OPPO? What's your career planning?
Saritha: Have joined in OPPO in Jan 2019 and has as always worked for service companies, with OPPO my dream to work with a product company has been fulfilled. My career plan is to always work in emerging technologies and implement my ideas in product development.

As a woman, how do you feel working in OPPO?
Saritha: Feel proud to be associated with OPPO, everyone in the team and leadership has always been supportive never felt discriminated.

What's the difficulty you have faced working as a female engineer. How did you get over them? How are you managing your work-life balance?
Saritha: With 2 children sometimes everything doesn't go as plan, it takes more time than expected to handle them, flexible work hours will help overcome such scenarios. Taking higher roles could be challenging sometimes. Time management played a pivotal role to meet family and work commitments. Am able to handle with alignment of tasks with family and children but unplanned activities, visitors or children sickness impacts plan.

What do you to say to girls who also want to be an engineer like you.
Saritha: Plan your career early. Define your goals and focus to meet them. Stay positive to achieve all your aspirations.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it

Different shades of Saritha's work-life

[ColorOS Event] International Women in Engineering Day (2/2)


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hi i am Prabhas
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See your dream
Work to achieve it
Donot stop until you achieve it

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You guys are truly a inspiration for all other women our there. Women need not become strong, but they are already and you people are the representative from Oppo R&D . Thank you really for such a great thread to inspire ❤️❤️

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   That's something new and good to see. I didn't know we have women engineers. It feels so good and proud that everyone is treated equally here and yes no doubt women's are doing great in every sector.

A very warm wishes to all Women Engineers


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It's totally different.. great to see.. this article again proved ColorOS Community is different  from others. Such a inspiring story. ❤️



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Feeling Awesone to hear a Story about you. It's really inspire us
shaurya raghuvanshi
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