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「ColorOS Skills」Mobile Photography World Part 3

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Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”
— Peter Adams

Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsup guys I'm back with another cool article with the same energy and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are fine an doing great in your life.

Today i am here with an amazing Photography Topic which is on "Mobile Photography World Part 3"

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

Topic 4. Composition(Picture Perfect Everytime)

Today I'm going continue Mobile Photography World thread.In this article will have alook on Composition & Cropping,Aspect Ration,Focus Modes.Lets don't ition further waste time & get started.

Good Composition


1. Main subject is well connected to the viewer

2. The viewer's attention is held

3. Focus,exposure and composition are all correct

4. No distraction in the foreground or background

5.There should be well contribution of use of color,motion and DOF

6. The photo looks and feels well balanced and satisfying to look at it

Bad Composition


1. Out of Focus

2. Main subject blurred

3. Viewers attention wanders

4. Distraction everywhere in the photograph

5. Poorly cropped

6. Little or not balanced at all

7. Boring and not interesting to look at it

Explore Your Subject


1. Spend time with your subject

2. Introduce some props

3. Keep thinking for a best a idea to capture

4. Use your environment

5. The best photos are usually spontaneous

6. Connect with your subject

7. Be calm and patient

8. Anticipate



In simple words balance refers to the compositional weight of object in a photo.Remeber if one object is too heavy the balance will be off. If photo is unbalanced the viewers eye act to wander.Always think of each element being apart of a scale, we want to keep the scale level.You know balance will come after practice the more you practice the more perfect you be.

Focusing Modes

1. AF-S


AF-S- is our primary focus mode.AF means auto focus, and S means Single as in single shot.This means that every time we snap new photo the lens will it self focus again but still you can choose where  we want to focus simplying by touching on the screen on the subject you want to make it in focus

2. AF-C


AF-C-this is a continuous auto focus mode whereby the camera constantly focusing rather than refocusing after every shot.This is made for fast moving subjects just like of Running kids,Car moving etc.

3. MF


MF-Manual focus mode is a mode whereby we can take complete control over the focus with manual.Sometimes AF will struggle in night for this we can use manual focus.You know the focus will not change until you refocus it.

Topic. Cropping And Aspect Ratio

1. Cropping


Its satisfactory to crop a photo.There are alot ideas among photographers to get everything prefect in camera.This is a restrictive way to work.Cropping is another tool,another skill that we should we it.

2. Aspect Ratio


In simple words A.S is the shape of the photo or in other words is the relationship between the width and height of your photo.




photo_2020-06-28_00-53-20 (2).jpg


photo_2020-06-28_00-53-20 (3).jpg

Guys, lets keep this for today. I'm trying my best to provide useful and helpful articles.

Comment below your thoughts and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything but do Comment your reviews

Let me wrap my lap and come back super duper soon with a new article for you, Thank you.

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Once Again Thanks for your continuous love towards ColorOS

Awesome article is coming soon,Stay tuned for that till then see you, have a good day, bye

Signing Off
~ Zaki Arif Ali
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