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[ColorOS Skill] How To Capture Good Macro Photos

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                   There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer.

Hello ColorOs Family,

          My name is Chaitanya Ghanate. I am New in the Community and its my First Photography article.

           I hope you will like it.

           I'm here with stunning Photography Topic which is on "How to click Amazing Macros

                                                           HOW TO CLICK BETTER MACRO SHOOTS                                 1.LIGHTING :-
                              Before jumping into the macro photography there are few tips which can help us all for better macro picturees. Lighting plays a major in all type of photography.Whenever you are capturing macro photos see that there is sufficient amount of light. So that you get a perfect capture.

        2.BE STEADY :-
                               Been steady is very improtant in macro because its all about the focusing the object. Try shooting 3-4cm away from the object. Avoid shaking hands if you want you can use glimble or a tripod for the stable support.

                                                                                 (Image source : Google)   

        3.AVOID DIRTY LENS :-
                               Before capturing any macro photos first thing is clean your lens with cotton cloth and even clean the external macro lens. It helps in getting good detailed picture.

                                                                                             (Image source : Google)   

        4.USE GRID LINES :-
                               By the help of grid lines we can be abl;e to place the object in the centre and helps in betterframing of the picture.

                                                                                           (Image source :Google )
                               Last but not the least always try to use manual/expert/pro mode for macro photography. Set the manual focus as "0" for better crisp and detailed images. If possible try capturing images at 2X zoom in manual/expert/pro mode.

                                                                                         (Image source : Google)

Guys,lets keep this for today.

Hoping our users loved this article please show me your love towards me by sending me candies.

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Once again thanks for your continous love towards ColorOS.

Awesome article is coming soon. Stay tuned for that till then see you. Have a great day.

                                                         @Zaki1203 Thanks for being my mentor ..


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