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Good day ColorOS fans!


     Here I am again with my 2nd article for this week. I know everything's still messed up right now, but don’t everything will fall in its right place at the right time.
I am here with you again to share something which you might be able to use when taking your favorite portraits. And to be honest, this is one of the many type of photography that I really love to do because this will showcase a lot of things in a single photo. One photo can tell many emotions, one photo can tell a story, and one photo can make a person inspired. And type of photography is called Portrait Photography.
In this article, we will first discuss what portrait photography is for and followed by the tips on how you can take a aesthetically beautiful portrait of yourself, your parents and even anyone in the world.
I don’t know if you can still remember my first article about this which is about the portraits, I took of myself and some portraits of other people. Well, in case you haven’t read that one yet, you can take a look of that one as well!
And yes, we all think that it is easy to take a portrait but it will still require a lot of effort and time to capture a perfect one. Without further ado, let’s start discussing about portrait photography.


What is portrait photography?

Portrait Photography is the art of capturing the inherent character of your subject within a paragraph (Singh, G.). Based on the definition provided, portrait photography is creating an image wherein the character or the very soul of your subject will be shown, that is somehow called as the inner being of a person. With this, portrait photography is widely-used as well in different aspects.


There is a lot of techniques that we can actually use when doing portrait photography – proper lighting, correct camera positioning, the angle and even your background. This kind of photography is also considered as an art – the art of capturing a stunning and emotive portrait that will show different emotions and stories in a single photo.
Let’s now get started with some tips on capturing a good portrait photograph!

1. Focus on the subject


The very important tip I can give to you – the subject. Your subject will show everything you want to relay to your audience. Think of it in an innovative way on how you can deliver a stunning photo. It is also best to take a portrait photography of someone you really so that ideas will flow easily as to how you guys can process it. Think of creative ways on how you can make sure that the audience will know the message in it, and on how your subject can deliver a certain message to the audience.

  2. Take candid shots


Is it just me or is there someone out there who has a hard time thinking of what pose to do in a photograph? That one, is a very challenging part for some people. So, taking candid shots can be a key on how you can deliver such beautiful photo. You can just laugh endlessly while taking shots. You can just make it natural as well, in that way the outcome will not look like you were being forced into something you don’t like. Key tip: Be yourself.

3. Lighting


A very essential part of any kind of photography – the lighting. Why is it important? Light determines the brightness, darkness, tone, mood and the atmosphere of a certain photograph. It really is important the proper lighting in any photography and it should be used properly to deliver the desired output. After the lighting while taking the photo, editing the lighting will now be the process using different photo editor.

4. Find the right location


Lighting is not only important but also the location is. Any location will actually do depending on the theme that you would want to do. Most people do outdoor photoshoots which is actually nice since you’ll have natural background and lighting. However, there might be some challenges as well because you need to check the weather if it would be possible to do so.
Meanwhile, there are also some who prefer to shoot in a studio which have artificial lighting and will eliminate any natural hinders to do so.

5. Capture the emotion


Always make sure to capture the right emotion and facial expression of your subject. You can do this by taking candid shots so that it will be more natural. In that way, the right story will be relayed to your audience.

So, those are some tips in taking portrait photography which you might find helpful in your every shoot. I know and understand that it will still lie in the eye of the beholder, meaning it is up to your audience how to make any story from your photograph.
You can use these tips even using your smartphone! Not only that it will come in handy but we always carry our phone anywhere we go.

So that’s it for my 2nd arti
cle and I’ll be more than happy to see your own works in the comment section!
Thanks for @Amit_T  for guiding us always with the articles we make.
Note: Proper references will be given to give proper credits. Some photos were taken by me (#2 and #4 using Oppo A5s.)

   1. PIXPA

    Stay safe everyone!

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