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「ColorOS Expert Advise」Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Taking Photos

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When people ask me what equipment I use & I tell them my eyes.”

— Anonymous

Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsups guys I'm back with another cool article with the same energy and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are fine an doing great in your life.

Today i am here with an amazing Photography Topic which is on"Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Taking Photos"

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

Today's article is gonna be short & simple as it is expert advise

Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Taking Photos

Today I'm going to give my recommendation on best camera app for mobile.Lets don't further waste time & get started.

1. Camera Fv-5 Lite


1. Its made for android

2. Manual controls like (DSLR)

3. 10 composition overlay

4. DNG RAW file capture (if support)

5. Absolutely free of cost to install

2. Lapse it

download (6).jpg

1. For android users

2. Free but with in app purchase

3. Capture interval starting at one second

4. Cool effects applied while capturing or before rendering

5.No restriction for capture length or frame

6. On screen information during capture

7. Upload it directly to Youtube,Facebook etc

3. Open Camera

unnamed (1).png

1. Its made for android
2. Its totally free to download and there are no in-app purchases or ads.

3. Open Camera offers almost all the Camera FV-5 Lite features. You get the basic controls like white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, scene modes

4. You get Face detection as well

5. The app offers cool ways to capture photos such as by a voice command or some other sound such as a whistle.

6. You  also get configurable volume keys and the ability to choose where to save the images.

4. Manual Camera

download (7).jpg

1. Its made for android

2. Its not free app but a paid app with stunning features

3.  It supports shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and focus distance.

4.Not all devices support manual controls since it is a paid app it might support the device

5. Gcam

download (8).jpg

1. Its made for android

2. Free to download from internet

3. Its hottesthottest camera app in the world right now.

4. Sometimes gcam doesn't work on every device like device which has  a Mediatek chipset Gcam won’t work on.

5.Gcam offers features like  AR stickers, Night sight, HDR+ photography, enhanced portrait shots,  and so much more.

6. Just try it once its amazing

Guys, lets keep this for today. I'm trying my best to provide useful and helpful articles.

Comment below your thoughts and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything but do Comment your reviews

Let me wrap my lap and come back super duper soon with a new article for you, Thank you.

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Once Again Thanks for your continuous love towards ColorOS

Awesome article is coming soon,Stay tuned for that till then see you, have a good day, bye


Signing off
~ Zaki Arif Ali
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Posted at 22-7-2020 10:16:49 | Display all floors
Gcam is the winner, but sadly it cannot use auxiliary lenses. Other apps are not better than default camera app. I use default camera app mostly.


Posted at 26-7-2020 09:48:49 | Display all floors
GCam can use auxiliary lenses, it's on Oppo side to whitelist the package name on Camera2Api
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