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Good day ColorOS fans!


    I hope you are all doing great this weekend and is having a lot of fun! I am now here with you to share a brand new article to give more knowledge and insights about photography.

I know that I already discussed some tips about Portrait Photography & Macro Photography, but hey, I forgot to discuss what are Different Types Of Photography that we should somehow learn. In that way, we will have different choices as to what certain type of photography we can pursue and take into practice.

So, that is what I will discuss with you for now to have a broader and clearer view to what photography is and what are its different kinds.
First, What is Photography?


      Photography is the art of taking and processing photos. That is the basic definition of what photography is. Basically, what we do is take a photo and then edit it afterwards. But what about the technical definition of photography?
    Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or film, to create an image. With the right camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio. Basing with this, photography is overall the way we take photos using light by using the correct equipment, in that way a certain image will be made.


    Kinds of photography will be now then discussed. There’s a lot of kinds of photography, approximately around 50, this just means that we can’t limit ourselves in a certain kind of photography. There’s a lot that we need to explore, learn and master when it comes to the different kinds of photography. I’ll be discussing the kind of photography that we usually use and give some brief description and examples of those. So, let’s get started!


1.        Candid Photography

As we all know, most photographs of people are directed to make a certain pose in which the photographer will direct the models about the poses they need to do. That is what candid photography eliminates. The goal of candid photography is capturing an object in its natural state, taking photos of people in motion, spontaneously or by surprise. It does not necessarily mean that they don’t know that they are being photographed, consent is still needed about this.


But, in some cases, candid photography totally does not make the subject aware that they are actually being photographed or somewhat called as “secret photography”.


2.     Fashion Photography

       One of the most commonly used kind of photography which already existed since the mid 1800s. Fashion photography is used to advertise a certain clothing brand or even fashion brands ranging from earrings, shoes, shirts and even jeans. Fashion shots can be done in a studio or even outdoor depending on the landscape and the way the photographer would want to emphasize the clothing. As well know, fashion walks also happen, wherein most fashion photographs happen.

IMG_20200706_232844_136.jpg    IMG_20200706_232844_157.jpg
One important factor in doing fashion photogrpahy is a good lighting, hair and makeup in a way that it will compliment with the brand. Hair and makeup will also match on the accessories or clothing they want to advertise.


3.   Food Photography

Finally, something that almost all of us do! Food photography, which is basically taking photos of food either it is used for commercials, advertisements or even for your Instagram feed! Food photography does not limit to the prepared food itself, but extends to ingredients, kitchen scenes or the plated dish, meaning everything related to food can be considered as food photography.

IMG_20200706_232838_302.jpg    IMG_20200706_232840_339.jpg


4.   Golden Hour Photography
Again, something that all of us love to do! Golden hour photography usually happens the hour before the sunsets or the hour after sunrises, wherein the sun is in its lowest point in the sky, which results to a warm and golden tone for your background lighting. And honestly, this is something that I am a fan of! Whenever I have the opportunity to take a photo of sunset or sunrise, I’d love to do so!



5.        Macro Photography
I believe, I already discussed this with my previous articles, macro photography is taking a close-up photo of a certain subject/object, may it be a thing, an animal or anything around you. These subjects include flowers, insects, jewelry or any inanimate objects. In some cases, photographers also use some special tools or techniques in order for them to capture a good macro photo.

IMG_20200707_020427_874.jpg     IMG_20200706_232835_994.jpg


P.S.: Reference is provided to give proper credits. Some photos was taken by me using Oppo A5S & Oppo Reno2f.

     So, this will be all for my article for now. Please stay tuned for the 2nd part of “Kinds of Photography” since I’ll be discussing more with you!
Thanks to @Amit_T  for being always patient and helping us in the articles.

Have a great day everyone!

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