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「ColorOS Skills」Mobile Photography World Part 4

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Only photograph what you love

~Tim Walker

Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsups guys I'm back with another cool article with the same energy and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are fine an doing great in your life.

Today i am here with an amazing Photography Topic which is on"Mobile Photography World Part 4"

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

Topic 6. Motion, Depth

Today I'm going to continue Mobile Photography World Series thread.In this article will have alook on shutter speeds s.Lets don't further waste time & get started.

Shutter Speed


In simple words Shutter Speed controls Speed or in other words is a electronic device sensor that determines how long the sensor is exposed to light.Usually this can be controlled only in PRO/MANUAL Mode.


Shutter Speed can also control motion and blur movement.

Things To Consider About Shutter Speed


1. The length of time that when the shutter is open is known as SHUTTER SPEED.

2. If we need more light in our photos we need to make sure that the shutter speed is opened for longer duration of time.

3. Incase we need less light in our photos we need to make sure that the shutter speed is opened for shortest duration of time.

4. Shutter Speed are measured and will appear in the settings as seconds and fractions of a second.


Shutter Speed also control motion.When a slower shutter speed is used,the photos will be more blurred.When a fast shutter speed is used the motion will be frozen.

Example of Slow Shutter Speed

Lets take 1/4


Example of Fast Shutter Speed

Lets take 1/250


How to Set Shutter Speeds ?


Select the pro mode and it is possible to set shutter speed.

Fast Shutter Speed


Fast Shutter Speeds are usually used for action and sports.To achieve photos like this you will need to set your shutter speed very fast.Fast Shutter Speed works great when capturing nature but it can used in other types of Photography as well it depends on how you're going to present it.Usually using fast shutter speed with telephoto lenses  is tricky but yields great results.Remember to keep your shutter speeds high when using telephoto lenses.

Slow Shutter Speed


Slow Speeds can be used very effectively to convey a sense of business and energy in a scene.Slow Speeds are also great for water and landscapes.You will need a tripod for this type of photos as you will be using much longer shutter speeds.Slow Speeds are also used to do long exposures and capture light trails or do light painting.You can have alook on my articles which are on Light painting Click Here.

Camera Shake


When hand holding the camera,one of the biggest causes of unsharp photos is camera shake.Always make sure to be aware of what shutter speed you are using.



If you have seen my previous articles than you might know how important is Tripod. Tripod is one of the best investment in photography.Tripod is used in many types of photography.

How  tripod will help you

1.  To take sharper photos

2. It will force you to think about framing your photos more carefully.

3. It gives more stability to your photos and smooth video



1. Try to match your movement to the speed of your moving object.

2. A tripod is needed in this type of shot

3. Shutter speeds around 1/60th or slower will be enough

4. Sitting or crouching also helps to steady the shot at these shutter speeds.

5. Choose an interesting background

6. Use AF-C

Guys, lets keep this for today. Very soon I'm going to Final Chapter of Mobile Photography Series

Comment below your thoughts and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything but do Comment your reviews

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~ Zaki Arif Ali
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