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「ColorOS Skills」Basic Tips For Product Photography

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I didn't choose photography,photography chose me

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Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsups guys I'm back with another cool article with the same energy and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are fine an doing great in your life.

Today i am here with an amazing Photography Skill which is on"Basic Tips For Product Photography"

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

Basic Tips For Product Photography

Today I'm going to discuss about basic tips for product photography.In this article will have alook on how you click better product photographs using your smartphone.

1. Background Tips


A plain white background does a stunning job at showcasing your product off for what purpose it is. When customer see a thumbnail like this, their eye is blown to the clarity and contrast. No distractions in their way.Apart from customer attraction you will get perfect bright and accurate colors when shooting on white backdrop,which will reflect white light onto your product to give you a well-lit, nicely-contrasted photo.We also have textured blackground which just perfect for branding and expressing a mood. It gives a feel to make your products more memorable.Mostly all product photographs are shared on social media more frequently. Consider textures like wood, rock, sand.

2. Proper Lighting Condition

I believe lightings is one of the main pillars of building,if you don't construct it well it can easily collapse anytime.

Remember few things about lighting condition.

1. Don't use a flash it will create harsh and unnatural shadows.

2. If you don't have professional lightings no worries simply go near window having some good light,its recommended taking photos at midday, when the sun is directly above will usually generate the best results.

3. Inorder to soften the light, place a white plastic bag over the light source e.g torch,mobile flashlight. That'll give you a 'soft’ light in a more even fashion and cut down on the sharp harsh shadows which looks abit weird.

4. Make sure the light is not hitting from the one side of the product, if its hitting then you will need something to reflect from other side as well then use reflector or silver foil.

5. Pay attention to the sources of light in the room. Sunlight has a different color cast (called color temperature) than interior tungsten or fluorescent lights. Sunlight is on the blue end of the spectrum, while tungsten is red-orange, and fluorescent is green. Mixing these colors in the same photo isn't flattering, and can make food items look particularly unappealing. Setting the white balance on your camera to the appropriate setting will ensure colors look natural.

3. Don't Zoom Your Photo

22 (1).png

Its not recommended to zooming in to your product,If you want close-ups shots simply go near to your product trust me you will get much better photograph than zooming in.

4. Use Tripod


Use tripod to stablise your photos and get sharp crispy image.As we only have two hands when mobile is attached we can easily look for other things aas well like setting light,changing position.You should also enable a time so that the phone has time to restabilize after you press the capture button.

5. Composition



Composition is also really important in a photography.I believe everyone can click photos but the one who uses applys composition perfectly his a photographer.

Consider These Points

1. Know the rule of thirds its a simple rule is when your photograph can be evenly divided into thirds, and the main focus of your photo lies within the intersection of those lines.

2. void distracting items in the background. If you're a baker taking photos of cupcakes, this could be a pastry bag. It could also be something as small as an electrical cord. Just remember fewer distractions in the background means it can ruin your whole product photograph.

3. Only show what's needed for example many product photos, particularly those of baked goods and chocolates, not much space is needed in the frame. The one exception would be to leave room for graphics or text.

4. The point is to sell your product don't let anything else in the image draw attention away from what's on offer.
5. Show off all the benefits of your product whether your product can solve a problem, dedicate a photo to it doing just that

6. Understand Your Camera


We are going to apply our basic photography knowledge as we have learnt in many articles of mine.

Consider These Points

1.  Always make sure your subject is in focus

2. Exposure ,Cameras love light. Make sure there is enough light so that the image is exposed properly.You know too much and the brightest areas will lose detail & less light will create a grainy image

3.  Portrait Mode Feature ,This relatively new feature on smartphones does a pretty good job of making a photo appear as if it were taken with DSLR. I'd really suggest using it sparingly. It usually faces problem when detecting the subject if the frame contains fine details or transparent objects like glassware.

7. Styling

images (1).jpg

Styling is really important just like you style yourself to look good and impressive others,the same way applys to product photography.Styling attracts the customer verymuch.

Consider These Points

1. Try out positioning the product different positions for better photographs

2. Styling the product itself is the finishing touch that will set photos apart. Food should look appetizing and products should look pristine and brand new.

3. Adding decorative elements around the product will increase the quality of the image as well if you're flatlay photographer then you will know what i am talking about its gonna be easy for you.

8. Don't Over Edit The Photograph


Editing is good but over edting is just not good at all.The purpose of edting is simply to correct exposure highlight,shadow,saturation & Contrast.In product photography advance editing is not allowed just follow the basic steps to edit.

9. Choose the highest quality

In my previous articles i had talked about image quality.Always shoot on highest resolution of your phone & use 4:3 for aspect ratio.This will give you the best image possible so that the brandings of the product is clearly visible no blurry image.Note always focus on brand's name of product when taking shoot like close shot.

Bonus Points

1. Shoot multiple angles and details

2. Try out some Macro

Guys lets keep this for today,I hope you loved today's thread sorry its a bit longer.

Comment below your thoughts and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything but do Comment your reviews

Let me wrap my lap and come back super duper soon with a new article for you, Thank you.

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~ Zaki Arif Ali
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