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「ColorOS Launch」Make Your Life Flow with ColorOS 11

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Hello ColorOS Super Fans,

Make Your Life Flow with ColorOS 11!

ColorOS 11 Global Launch.jpg

It gives immense pleasure to meet you guys through an article after a little long gap. This time with exciting news about the next ColorOS update. Yes. You guessed it right! We're gonna cover interesting new features that are right around the corner with ColorOS 11.

ColorOS 11 is built upon the latest iteration of Android 11 focused on improved conversations, predictive tools, accessibility, content capture, privacy and security. We ColorOS fans already enjoy many new features that come in-built with Android 11 on ColorOS 7 like Bubbles for Social Networking apps, Screen Recording, OPPO Share to share files instantly, App Suggestions, Smart Reply, Smart Folders, Dark Mode Schedule, Personal Information Protection, etc.

Android 11.jpg

So, what’s on the table for ColorOS 11 with Android 11?

That’s a lot more!

Well before jumping into the features of ColorOS 11, you might be wondering why OPPO chooses to jump from ColorOS 7 to ColorOS 11 skipping 8, 9 and 10. I have the answer!

Yes. OPPO decided to keep the ColorOS version similar or match the Android version to avoid confusion. So, you can expect ColorOS 12 with Android 12 next year!

ColorOS 7 is one of the biggest breakthroughs for OPPO with Smooth and Delightful features. It was the First Global Launch event for ColorOS outside China. Last year on 26th November, I was invited to the ColorOS 7 launch event. That’s one of the most unforgettable moments in my life.


To recap ColorOS 7 was a major upgrade from ColorOS 6 with many new features and enhancements like…

  • New material design icons
  • Partnership with audio design company — epic sound improves overall sound effects of ColorOS 7.
  • Long-press with three fingers, select the screenshot area that you want and complete it.
  • Dark Mode applies a higher contrast with natural gradation offering an immersive Dark Mode experience day and night.
  • Dark mode can also be combined with Eye Protection Mode for a more comfortable visual experience.
  • Dark mode can also be applied to third-party apps, even though they don't have it natively.
  • Quantum animation engine offers high frame rate animation for the best overall user experience.
  • Universal themes that are free and apply to the overall UI.
  • ColorOS 7 increases the app startup performance by more than 25% when using multiple apps With oMem technology RAM is boosted by 40%.
  • oSense scheduling mechanism gives priority to front-end and user-related threads.
  • App Lock lets you encrypt any app, and can be opened by your password or fingerprint or face scan.
  • Private Safe is like an actual safe for the files in your phone that can not only keep documents but also photos, videos, and audios.
  • AI Beautification 2.0 can identify outdoor, indoor, night-time, and other environments. It can also detect light according to different scenes to best match your skin tone.
  • Camera's Ultra Dark Mode leverages independent AI chips that can detect noise in different kinds of shadows and dark areas. It then runs a special night scene algorithm that achieves faster and more accurate noise reduction.
  • Exclusive apps like Soloop, DocVault and OPPO Relax.

ColorOS posted an excellent video about ColorOS update journey. They took 321 days to release ColorOS 6 after Android 9 official release and 83 days for ColorOS 7 after Android 10 official release.

To everyone’s surprise, OPPO announced ColorOS 11 on the day of Android 11 official release. It’s a remarkable achievement for the OPPO developers. Kudos to the ColorOS team for bringing faster updates. Hope we get faster and stable updates in future too.


With the announcement of ColorOS 11, OPPO released ColorOS 11 beta version for Find X2, Find X2 Pro, Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro. If you own any of these devices, you’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of ColorOS 11 before the masses.

ColorOS 11 beta.jpg

Let’s dive into the all-new awesome features that come with ColorOS 11!

1. Advanced Personalisations

Now you can personalize the user interface the way you like. ColorOS 11 brings a brand new UI for making your personalisations.

2. Enhanced Dark Mode

ColorOS 11 brings new enhanced features in Dark Mode. Dark Mode can be scheduled based on sunrise and sunset times.


You can now set the dark mode in 3 different styles Enhanced, Medium and Gentle. The difference between the 3 is the black colour variation. New dark mode settings also provide the option to adjust wallpapers and icons to the dark mode which is a great addition. I love to use this feature. Also reduces contrast in low light conditions.


3. Third-party Icon Pack Support

The feature which we've been waiting for a long time is finally here with ColorOS 11. Yes. You can now download third party icon packs from Google Play Store and instantly change your icons natively. I’m pretty much excited to try out this feature in my OPPO Reno 10x Zoom.


4. Always On Display Styles

Currently, we don’t have much Always On Display customization options in ColorOS 7. It’s all going to change with ColorOS 11. Yes. You can now set Text and Image in Always On Display with awesome cool styles. Analog and Digital options are also available.



ColorOS posted a video about Always On Display Customization. Watch it below.

5. App Layout

All-new design for changing app layout in your home screen with custom row and column settings.


6. Notification Drawer Redesign

Notification Drawer looks cleaner now with good separation between notification channels and also blur transparent effect at the back is a nice addition.



7. Notification Drawer Icon Shapes

If you’re bored with the default rounded square icon in the notification drawer, here’s a way to change that too. You can now customize the shape of icons with ColorOS 11.


8. Edge Lighting

All AMOLED display users can rejoice now. Edge Lighting feature can be used for incoming calls and notifications received when the screen is off. You can apply light effects to VIP Contacts, Favourite Contacts, All Contacts or All Incoming Calls with 3 different colour options Neon Purple, Ocean Blue and Amber Orange.


9. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker was in OPPO LAB with ColorOS 7.2 for quite some time. Now it’s available by default in the Personalisation setting. You can select any music and customize it to play in 4 different moods like simple, vibrant, thrilling and relaxing with a slow or fast pace.


ColorOS posted a video about Ringtone Customization. Watch it below.

10. New Wallpapers and Setting

ColorOS 11 packs a great addition of wallpapers and in addition to static and live wallpapers, ColorOS 11 provides an option to select Art+ Wallpapers.


ColorOS posted a video about Wallpaper Customization. Watch it below.

11. Fingerprint Quick Launch

If you’re a person who uses a few apps a lot and hates to open the app after multiple touches, here’s a Quick Launch feature. When the screen is locked or off, tap the fingerprint icon to call up the quick launch panel and then slide your finger to an app to launch it.


12. Smart Sidebar Improvements

ColorOS 11 brings some optimizations in the editing page of Smart Sidebar. Two tabs are displayed and the order of the items can be customised.


13. AI App Preloading

ColorOS 11 system predicts which apps you’ll use next and preloads them for faster launch speeds. It’s a great feature for shoppers and travellers to buy products in flash sales and book tickets respectively.

AI App Preloading.jpg

14. Weather Animations

ColorOS 11 brings smooth and refreshing animations overall. Not leaving the weather app behind.


15. Improved Permission Manager

With ColorOS 11 you can now choose “Allow only once” for sensitive permissions to better protect your privacy. If the app is unused for a few months, the permission settings will reset.



16. All new Game Assistant

ColorOS 11 added immersive mode which reduces disturbances while gaming so you can stay focused. You can also change the Game Assistant call-up method.


17. Revamped Photos app

Photos can now be saved in HEIF format to reduce file size and save space. ColorOS 11 optimises the photo editing feature with upgraded algorithms and provides more markup effects and filters.


18. Camera Improvements

No update will be complete without new camera features. ColorOS 11 is not an exception. New shortcuts to instantly share and edit photos or videos directly from the camera app. Lens stain detection feature. Level and grid feature to help you shoot better videos. AI Color Portrait mode uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to intelligently recognize the outline of the subject and retain the subject's vibrant colour against a black-and-white background.



Inertial Zoom feature is my top pick in the camera improvements. As a Reno 10x Zoom user, I use the zoom function in video recording a lot for long-distance objects, even the moon. Inertial Zoom makes zooming smoother. You can now select a speed, then touch and hold on the screen to zoom in/out smoothly.


19. Super Power Saving Mode

The new Super power saving mode can meet your urgent needs when the battery level is extremely low. With just 5% battery left, you can still chat on WhatsApp for up to 1.5 hours.


Under Super power saving mode, a series of power saving strategies such as CPU frequency adjustment and screen brightness adjustment are used, and at the same time adopts targeted power saving strategies for specific apps that are used to save the battery. For instance, WeChat under Super power saving mode, is turned to dark mode and the delivery of messages is extended with an interval to improve battery life.

Super Power Saving Mode.jpg

In Super power saving mode, six apps can be opened, among which Phone, Messages, and browser are default but changeable, and the remaining three can be selected by the user. At 10% and 5% power, a window will pop up to remind you to turn on the Super power saving mode. You can also manually turn on the Super power saving mode

20. System and Accessibility Improvements

ColorOS 11 adds a two-finger swipe up gesture to quickly call up accessibility functions. Also, adds a Sound Amplifier that can amplify faint sounds and soften loud sounds when wearing earphones.

Share your personal hotspot with others via QR code. You can now determine a time period when DND is on.

21. Multi User Mode

With Multi User mode, you can add different users to your phone so that they can use their own set of apps & data. In this way, your apps and data cannot be accessed by those users.


22. Multitasking UI Improvements

Multitasking with ColorOS 11 is even more easier. Instead of just 3 apps screens, we can switch easily to and fro with 7 app icons. Great addition for multitaskers.


23. Improved Battery Settings

To reduce battery aging, now your phone learns from your daily charging routine so it can control the charging speed at night and avoids overcharging. Also, we have new feature called Super Night Standby Mode which consumes just 2% of battery during 8 hours of sleeping time.
24. Settings page revamp

Icons are revamped and new changes in the names of settings to navigate easier.

Convenience Tools Settings
25. Fingerprint Animations

Select fingerprint animations from all new UI.

26. Custom Font Settings

With all new OPPO Sans font you can customize the font weight and size. It also adapts to different UI.

27. OPPO Relax 2.0
oppo relax 2.0.png

28. Three Finger Translate with Google Lens

3 finger translate.png

29. UI First 2.0 with Quantum Animation Engine

ui 2.0.png

30. Private System

Private System will improve privacy even further. With Work-Life balance settings, it's another feather in the cap feature which I love in #OPPOColorOS11

Private System.png
31. Nearby Share
nearby share.png

Hope I have covered the features that are available in ColorOS 11 beta on OPPO Find X2. Thanks, Siddarth from ColorOS Community for sharing screenshots with me.

ColorOS 11 Global Launch Event

Last year, I was present at the ColorOS 7 Launch Event in New Delhi. Thanks, @PiyushRana , @Abhi-ColorOS , @Ada-ColorOS and @ColorOS for making that possible. I would like to congratulate the ColorOS team for making the travel and stay arrangements. The ColorOS 7 event was super successful.

I've written my experience about ColorOS 7 Launch Event in ColorOS Community. Check this out.

This year, due to COVID-19 Pandemic we don’t have a chance to be physically present at the event. It’s an online-only global event. Just a day left for the ColorOS 11 launch event at the time of publishing this article. Fingers crossed!

Get ready for ColorOS 11 Global Launch

ColorOS 11 Launch Day.jpg

Step 1: Save the Date

14th Sept - 9AM (GMT) Check your timezone!

Step 2: Set Reminder

Watch on YouTube Live!

You can also watch on Facebook or Twitter!

Step 3: Win Big Prize

Join YouTube Live Chat during the Global Launch to win #OPPOFindX2

ColorOS 11 Special Guest

OPPO invited Jon Rettinger, a popular Tech YouTuber for the ColorOS 11 Launch Event.

ColorOS 11 Jon Rettinger.jpg

Win OPPO Find X2 with ColorOS 11

Begin the #OPPOColorOS11 journey and test your travel identity on http://coloros11.com

1. Win #OPPOFindX2 - Get support to be the Top 1 in the Leaderboard

2. Win the ColorOS 11 Limited Gift Box - Share with #OPPOColorOS11 #ColorOSJourney

Come support me and win the OPPO Find X2 together

ColorOS 11 smasithick.jpg

OPPO Community Special DP:

To celebrate and share our excitement towards ColorOS 11 Launch, we OPPO Community Creators designed a special profile picture.

smasithick dp.jpg

smasithick cover.jpg

Stay tuned!

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed this post.
Please follow @smasithick and stay tuned for more interesting updates.





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