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「ColorOS Fantasy」- All you Need to Know About ColorOS 11

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Hello ColorOS Family,


Welcome back to another fresh article, and I hope you guys are doing absolutely fine,

By the title you guys may have known that I’m going to talk about ColorOS 11 and it’s latest amazing features and when you can expect ColorOS11 update in your OPPO devices.


ColorOS launched it’s latest version of it's OS, ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 and that’s very amazing. ColorOS 11 is packed with amazing and crazy features, no doubt why ColorOS is best in class in comparison with Competition brands.

Android announced Android 11 on September 8th 2020 and on the same day ColorOS pushed the beta version of ColorOS 11 to beta testers of Find X2 and Reno 3 Pro series. That’s something very amazing.


A big applaud to ColorOS team for this achievement.

And Just within a week after the announcement of Android 11, ColorOS also revealed it’s Latest Version ColorOS 11 with “Make Life Flow” Concept.

Moving further the first question arises in our mind is Why ColorOS 11? ColorOS 8 also sounds good then why a massive jump leaving 8,9,10 behind and directly ColorOS 11.
Well this question was asked by many of us, so Jon Retingger asked the same to ColorOS team during the live launch event of ColorOS 11 and that's what they Replied to our questions.

“Actually We want Users to know that our ColorOS 11 is based in Android 11, We have received a lot of queries from ColorOS users what Android version is my os running does my device has all the latest Android features by naming our latest system coloros 11 it will help OPPO user’s know that if their phones are upgraded to ColorOS 11 it is running on Android 11.Our goal is to keep ColorOS consistent with Android 11 while adding all customisation catering to OPPO user’s need around the world.

Hope you all got the reason behind ColorOS 11 instead of ColorOS 8 or 9,10.

Now without wasting Anytime let’s take a look at the All New ColorOS 11 features based on Android 11 and when you can expect the Update of ColorOS 11 on your OPPO device.

ColorOS has made 1000+ changes in ColorOS 11 but they’r are not noticeable, so let’s take a took at Major changes that have been made in ColorOS 11.

These are some of Major Highlights of ColorOS based on Android 11.

All Round Customization.

With ColorOS 11 “Make Life Flow” Concept, ColorOS allows us to Customize Always On Display ( For amoled display phones only), Ringtones, Wallpapers, Themes, Fonts, icon and many other features ColorOS says it “Your Flow Your Style” and probably it is. With all new UI customization we can customize our device in our style. That’s very interesting feature.


Customizable Dark Mode.

ColorOS has also allowed user’s to customize Stock Android Dark Mode, with three three different colour schemes and different contrast levels, choose the colour scheme you like or that suits your eyes the most and make your life flow.


You can also choose to adjust Wallpapers and Icons according to your Dark Mode.

The three Different different Colour schemes of Dark Mode are :-

  • Pitch Dark.
  • Blue Dark.
  • Gary Dark.


OPPO Relax 2.0.

ColorOS released OPPO relax Last year and this is the upgraded version of OPPO relax, OPPO relax offers some soothing sounds that help us to find peace and get relief from anxiety.

We can also Customize and create our own Ambient Sounds, with nature, daily life, ASMR sound collection on OPPO Relax. OPPO relax 2.0 also comes with the Sounds of Cities.


Three Finger Translate with Google Lens.
ColorOS has created this feature with Google, called Three Finger Translate, powered by Google Lens. This feature allows us to Capture and translate the captured (screenshot) text with with a simple screenshot taken with three finger screenshot gesture.
This feature is very helpful and can make our task very easy, Instead of copying and translating the text now we can easily Translate any text just taking a screenshot with 3 fingure gesture.



This is something very amazing and one of my favourite features of ColorOS 11, FlexDrop allows us to Resize any application into a small floating window so that you can easily work between multiple applications at a same time. Flex Drop Makes multitask so easy, with the help of Flexdrop now we can easily play our favourite games or watch videos along with chatting with our loved ones.



Super Power Saving Mode.

There’s a new Power Saving Mode called Super Power Saving Mode, However this feature was also introduced in ColorOS 7.2 version of OPPO Reno 4 Pro, but this makes its total debut in ColorOS 11.With Super Power Saving Mode ON we can goodbye your low-battery anxiety and with its Optimized battery saving function we can have 90 minutes of Whatsapp chat and 1 hour phone call with just 5% battery life.Isn’t this so amazing?



OPPO claims that it has introduced UI First 2.0 with ColorOS 11, combining its propreitary lag-reducing engine with Quantum Animation”, claiming to boost RAM utilization by 45%, improving the response rate by 32%, and the frame rate by 17%. AI App Preloading will also learn user behavior to preload the most-used apps and reduce their loading time. SuperTouch, on the other hand, claims to identify user scenarios and optimize the touch response speed and improve system fluency. (XDA developers)


Private System.

ColorOS has been always known for best in class user’s privacy and security, with the latest Android 11 google has improved the user’s privacy and security. ColorOS 11 comes with Private System feature which allows us to create a separate system where we can use second version of Applications and can store data independent of original system.
We can switch between both the system’s to protect our privacy and keeps our work-life balance, with just a simple tap with a fingerprint or password we can easily switch between both the system’s.


As you can see the disclaimer in picture “This feature will be available on ColorOS 11 in November 2020 at the earliest".

Nearby Share.

This feature allows us to share files, documents, videos or apk files etc very easily and hassle free to nearby device.

You can also connect your Television, Laptop and project your phone on Television or Laptop. You can also respond to your device using your OPPO watch.


Battery Guard And Super Nighttime Standby.

With the Battery Guard feature the system will control the charging speed at night to prevent overcharging to protect our battery and device. Even the system will ensure that our phone will be fully charged just before we wake up.

Battery Guard is something very necessary for all those including me Who Charge their Phone in night while asleep.

Super Nighttime Standby Mode :- In case your forgot to charge your phone at night, then over 8 hours ofStandby time at night will consume only 2% of battery so we can still use them in the morning.

A total of 28 devices will get the update of latest ColorOS 11 based on Android 11. Other devices except the Eligible devices will the Monthly Security Patch update time to time.

Here is the Eligible devices list and ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 Beta Version Roll-out Timeline.



That's all for this article, hope you guys enjoyed this article and loved it. Comment down your favourite feature of ColorOS 11.

I would also like to thanks my mentor and a very good friend of mine @Amit_T who always help me in writing articles.
Follow me @Faisaleqbal18 for more amazing photography and tech related articles.

If you've any queries related photography and editing tutorials you can contact me on instagram id - @shutter_the_lens

Thank You!



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Jldi  new version update kro



Beta 5.0

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Beta 5.0

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Love ColorOS


NickName0144596: But finally not coming in 11 version of oppo f15 why?  Posted at 29-1-2021 06:13
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