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「ColorOS News」ColorOS Turns 7 | Here Are Few Major Phases in ColorOS Journey

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Hello ColorOS FAN's,

By this day, ColorOS turned 7!
Yes, what you are seeing is true. It was 7 years since launched its very first version. In a time period of 7 years, ColorOS has upgraded with many versions.
From 1.0 -> 2.0 -> 2.1 -> 3.0 -> 3.1 -> 3.2 -> 5.0 -> 5.1 -> 5.2 -> 5.2.1 -> 6.0 -> 6.0.1 -> 6.1 -> 6.1.2 -> 6.7 -> 7.0 -> 7.1 -> 7.2 -> 11(Beta) which is currently running based on android 11, In every upgrade, ColorOS brought some game changing features.
So, today on the day of 7th anniversary, lets applaud ColorOS by remembering some iconic features introduced. Also, let us discuss about some important phases in the journey of ColorOS.

Iconic Features Introduced

ColorOS with its every successive version, will provide some iconic features. Those features will be like never seen before. If we pull the list, there will be number of features. But, today we will discuss only those features which are very useful and exist till now.

3-Finger Screen Shot Gesture

This feature was introduced in ColorOS 2.0 where we have to swipe down on the screen with 3 fingers. After its arrival, taking screenshots has become very easy. Previously, we used to press and hold power+volume down buttons for taking screenshot, which is sometimes difficult to handle. But the inclusion of 3-Finger gesture, it is handy and easy for taking screenshots. And now, they further brought a add-on for it. With ColorOS 11, you can easily translate content on your page by this gesture.

Specific Designs In Priority

With ColorOS 3.0, they started giving priority in designing app icons, widgets and other toggles. By this, ColorOS has completely changed its design compared to ColorOS 2.0. Apart from design, they added power saving optimizations, privacy features, auto cleaner functions,night shield for blue light fitering and many more with ColorOS 3.0.

Privacy Is Concerned

A new and gaming changing feature in operating systems has evolved with ColorOS 5.0. Hiddens Apps is first introduced in OPPO ColorOS 5 and is one of the best feature in terms of privacy. We can hide apps from home screen with out need of any 3rd party apps. And we can access those apps from Dailer, which is an extraordinary thought. Apart from apps, we can hide our files too in a file safe. This privacy concerns still exist now and their roots exist from ColorOS 5.I have written a brief thread on it earlier, you can check it here...

Smart Assistant & Game Space


There are several uses with this smart assistant. We can check steps tracking, weather, open quick functions, add favorite contacts, check memories generated by Photos and lot more with this smart assistant. We can also check the status of our orders here. This massive feature is also added with ColorOS 5. Know more about Smart Assistant here...


When comes to gaming, the first game space is introduced by ColorOS only with its ColorOS 5 version. This game space optimises the background apps, improves network and lot more. Game Space further evolved in to a much better version now, but its roots exist from ColorOS 5. More about Game Space is here...

App Drawer


App drawer is most wanted feature by the time when ColorOS become popular. ColorOS 6.0 has brought this App drawer for the 1st time to their users. Along with the app drawer, more features like improved smart assistant, game space, network accelerations, are also added with ColorOS 6. Here is a thread related to ColorOS 6 features. Click Here...

Artistic Wallpapers

ColorOS always gives priority to its design part along with features. As a result, they introduced artistic wallpapers for a better vision and attractive look. With several artists, they designed many wallpapers and also those wallpapers are drawn from the nature. These artistic wallpapers are introduced in ColorOS 7 along with many more new and optimized features.

Finally ColorOS 11 Now

With the latest version of ColorOS, we can see number of improvements in design, optimizations, features, gestures and many more. From a 3-Finger screen shot to 3-Finger gesture translate feature, there are such add-ons in every aspect. Improved version of system apps helps us in reducing the usage of some 3rd party apps. Many such details are explained here...

Now let's keep these stuff aside. ColorOS not just expanded with just OS. They expanded as community too. There are over 350 million active ColorOS users globally today. Here are few beautiful moments in their journey..
FAN's Gathering In China
ColorOS grandly celebrates chinese new year with their fans. They take some of popular creators and testers from their community for the event. There will be interaction with ColorOS Officials and some fan gathering meets. Popular creators and testers will get some goodies and lot more fun at the event.

ColorOS 7 Global Launch Meet
ColorOS also invites their fans to launch meets. ColorOS 7 was one of biggest launch for ColorOS. Many fans got oppurtunity to visit the launch meet and have a splendid experience at free of cost.
Creators Planet Evolved
This was one of the major moment especially for fans, which was held in China. ColorOS has created a seperate base for their core members. Creators planet gives their fans with lot of oppurtunities. Users got honour certificates, and memoriable moments in their journey.

Not just these, there are number of such fan meetups, gatherings and even interviews in this beautiful journey of ColorOS. More new things are going to evolve in ColorOS. Thanks for sparing your valuable time with me. Follow me @SAIPAVAN for more stuff about ColorOS. Share your views in comments section and get 5 candies as a token of appreciation.
Thank You.



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I want update ColorOS 11!

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Wowww great Journey

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great journey

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