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「ColorOS Update」#Beta# Reno3 Pro Dev. Beta Version 30-09-2020

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Reno3 Pro (CPH2035) Dev. Beta Version based on Android 11 and ColorOS 11 has been released in India, all fans are invited to participate and experience this Beta Version.

Reno3 Pro ColorOS 11 Dev. Beta Version is now released for testing.

Dear Dev. Beta Members.
Reno3 Pro ColorOS 11 Dev. Beta version has been released, and the version will be pushed in batches. If you are already on Dev. Beta version, please wait for the version OTA patiently. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Android 11 For ColorOS 11 Dev. Beta Upgrade Notice:
1. Please update all applications in your phone to the latest version in the OPPO software store before upgrading.  As some third-party apps are not compatible with Android 11, some third-party apps may not work normally after upgrading to this version (such as crashes, freezes, etc.). It is recommended that you wait patiently for subsequent updates to resolve the application.

2. The development of the public beta version focuses on functional verification testing. The version may have stability problems, but it can meet the needs of daily use.  You need to be able to tolerate some of the problems (such as BUG, ​​etc.) caused by the development of the public beta and assist the official personnel to solve the problem.

3. If you find problems with version stability and functional experience, please provide feedback in the feedback toolbox in time. We will promptly handle and solve the problems.

4. This update is an Android cross-version upgrade. To reduce the risk of upgrading, please make sure that you have backed up your important personal data in your phone before upgrading.

Update Method:
For Beta Version Users:

Step 1. Please update your phone to the latest Beta Version of (CPH2035PUROM_11.W.03) first. If your version is lower than this version, may be you could not detect the latest Beta Version.

Step 2. Go to "Settings - Software Updates",

Notice: The Upgrade Plan supports OPPO Reno3 Pro in India only, for Indonesia we will release the ColorOS 11 + Android 11 version in mid of October.

Recommended Updates:
Your system will be upgraded to ColorOS 11 and Android 11.
Infinite design offers a personalized, efficient, and smooth user experience.

• Adds The Control Center supports custom icon shapes to create interesting system styles.
• Adds Always-On Display: You can now customize the text and draw your artistic pattern on the Always-On Display.
• Adds Create wallpaper, you can extract the photo/photo color to generate your wallpaper.
• Adds The system interface supports to modify the icon color, and customize the theme color of your preference with one click.
• Adds The Control Center interface supports to modify the button color, customize your favorite theme color.
• Adds Font weight can be manually or automatically adjusted based on the scenario.
• Adds The font weight auto adapt, and the best font display effect is provided according to different scenes.

「Security and Privacy」
• Adds Control Center shortcut to turn "App lock" on or off by one tap.
• Adds More powerful SOS functions
• Adds Emergency info: Quickly display personal medical information in emergencies, and support lock screen display to rescuers.
• Adds "Low battery message": When your phone battery is lower than 15%, you can quickly send a message to share your location with specified people.
• Optimizes "Permission manager": You can now choose "Allow only once" for sensitive permissions to better protect your privacy.

• Adds "Night Charging Protection": An AI algorithm is used to control charging speed at night to extend battery life.
• Adds Control Center Wi-Fi, Bluetooth drop-down shortcut selection box, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth switching is more convenient.
• Adds AI App Preloading: The system predicts which apps you will use next and preloads them for faster launch speeds.
• Adds quick setting you can now set the time duration from Control Center when Do Not Disturb is on.
• Adds Notification history, centralized display of old notifications, quick view of accidentally deleted notifications.
• Adds "Tone tunes": Consecutive notification tones will be linked to form a single melody.
• Optimizes "Auto brightness".
• Optimizes Both Side Gestures, while using the keyboard, gestures will not take effect in the keyboard area.

「Dark Mode」
• Adds Three Dark mode styles: Enhanced, medium, and gentle, and the display contrast can be adjusted automatically to ambient light.
• Adds Dark Mode schedule, Dark mode can be scheduled based on sunrise and sunset times.
• Adds Dark mode supports dimming wallpapers and icons.

• Adds filters for "Drawer mode": You can now filter apps by name, install time, or usage frequency to quickly find an app.
• Adds remove or combine the desktop folder with another one.
• Adds Desktop App Sharing, quickly share apps from the desktop itself.
• Adds Third-party icon pack support for Home Screen icons.
• Optimizes desktop layout customization and icon style preview.

• Adds Stickers, a new variety of creative stickers, fun with ever-changing trends.
• Adds Instant share and edit, quickly share and edit photos or videos by swiping up on the preview.
• Adds Inertial zoom, which makes zooming smoother during video shooting.
• Adds level and grid feature to help you compose videos.
• Adds Lens stain detection feature.

• Adds a new feature to allow users to connect a Wi-Fi network by scanning the QR code.
• Adds QR Code sharing support to Wi-Fi and Hotspot networks.
• Optimizes Random MAC address improves privacy protection.

「HeyTap Cloud」
• Adds Full phone cloud backup, back up your photos, documents, system settings, App data, and more, easily migrate to a new phone.
• Adds Selective Data Backup, select the types of data to be backed up or restored.

「Game Space」
• Adds Lightning start, quick access to frequently played games, saving startup time.
• Adds Immersive mode which reduces disturbances while gaming so you can stay focused.
• Adds Accidental touch prevention, shields the navigation keys, and the edge of the screen.
• Adds Game space game tips, push new features, network optimization, strategy benefits, and other smart suggestions according to the game scene.
• Adds Quick Return Bubble: You can now enable multiple bubbles to display on your screen and collapse them as needed.
• Optimizes Game assistant access method from sideswipe.

• Adds the 2-finger swipe up gesture to quickly call up accessibility functions.
• Adds "Sound amplifier": You can amplify faint sounds in the environment and soften loud sounds when wearing earphones.

「Smart Sidebar」
• Optimizes the editing page of Smart Sidebar: Two tabs are displayed and the order of items can be customized.

• Optimizes the photo editing feature with upgraded algorithms and more markup effects and filters.

• Optimizes weather animations to provide you with a more interesting experience.

How to Post a Feedback:
Click "BUG Feedback/Feedback" in the Feedback Toolbox APP to submit feedback for the ColorOS development public beta version.

(The latest version of ColorOS Dev. Alpha and Dev. Beta testing are integrated with the latest version of the feedback toolbox. All subsequent Dev. Alpha and Dev. Beta testing issues need to be feedback in the feedback toolbox built in the system, not in the community-product feedback Section for feedback.)

Downgrade Notice:
1. The Dev. Beta version is downgraded back to the official version. Your phone data will be cleared during the downgrade process, so please make sure that you have backed up your phone data before downgrading.

2. To downgrade, you need to visit the nearest official OPPO Customer Service Center to perform the downgrade.

ColorOS, Color your mind~


Posted at 5-10-2020 11:42:01 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
I can open mouth settings
So tell me how can I fix this problems


Nrsss: Spam  Posted at 10-10-2020 04:32


Posted at 5-10-2020 11:42:15 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
I can open mouth settings
So tell me how can I fix this problems


Vishal_Verma: I request you to generate a log and give feedback in the Feedback section. For reference:- https://community.coloros.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=38 visit this thread.  Posted at 7-10-2020 13:28


Posted at 5-10-2020 12:59:21 FromCPH1931Mobile phone | Display all floors
Update information


Posted at 5-10-2020 13:11:43 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
I cant show notch screen settings in my f9 pro after update android 19
So tell me how can I fix this problems


Shaurya16: Kindly make a log for feedback and post it at feedback section of community. Use this link for reference https://community.coloros.com/thread-42556-1-1.html  Posted at 7-10-2020 13:34


Posted at 5-10-2020 14:18:57 FromCPH2035Mobile phone | Display all floors
can i get the update???? plz reply


NickName0149253: Oppo F11  Posted at 15-10-2020 04:19
NickName0137842: Thank  Posted at 9-10-2020 08:50


Posted at 5-10-2020 17:17:10 FromCPH1969Mobile phone | Display all floors
When did Oppo f11 Pro have ColorOs 7.2 CPH 1969


Shaurya16: Go through this link you will able to know Schedule of update of ColorOS 11 for your device https://community.coloros.com/thread-50197-1-1.html  Posted at 7-10-2020 13:35


Posted at 5-10-2020 17:22:55 FromCPH1969Mobile phone | Display all floors
This feature is too good if there is F11 Pro now


Posted at 5-10-2020 17:23:48 FromCPH1969Mobile phone | Display all floors
This feature is too good if there is F11 Pro now


Posted at 5-10-2020 17:41:00 FromCPH1803Mobile phone | Display all floors
good morning
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