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「Official Announcement」#DeepTest# OPPO Deep Test Official Notice

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OPPO Deep Test supports the devices Reno 10x Zoom, Find X2 on official version. If you have successfully applied for a quota of deep test, you can unlock your phone.

「Conditions」Apply To Join the Deep Test

If you want to apply, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • The models must be launched for more than three months.
  • No application record in the last 60 days.
  • There must be a quota left for deep testers to apply.
  • Non-government and operator customized mobile phone operators;
  • Support the devices launched in India only.

Instructions To Apply For Deep Test

  • The phone might be affected unpredictably after you apply the test plan.
  • Third-party Software may make the device to not function work properly, such as camera to take pictures, and may result in damage to equipment.   
  • Personal information on the device can leak, data security cannot be guaranteed.
  • After joining testing, some system features will be modified, which will affect the system upgrade, and you might not able to experience new services from ColorOS.
  • After being added to the Deep Test plan, the device will reset to factory settings, it is recommended to back up your data in advance.
  • After being added to the Deep Test plan, the device cannot be exchanged, you can still enjoy the warranty.

「Unlock Tutorial」

  • Download and Install the Deep Test APK, enter Deep Test APK, connect to the Internet, and log in to the oppo account. Click the "Start Application" button and follow the prompts to complete the application process. If the application is successful, the following interface will be displayed. (User who successfully submitted the application must switch the version back to the official version, and upgrade to the version that supports deep testing when the latest version is detected by OTA, otherwise, the application will fail.)


    2.  After 15 days of entering in Deep Test Application and click "Query Application Status". If the application is approved, the following interface will be displayed. Click "Start Depth Testing", and the mobile phone will automatically restart and enter FastBoot mode;


    3.   In the Fastboot mode, connect the phone to the computer and go to ADB command line mode and enter the following command "fastboot flashing unlock" and press Enter to unlock, press the phone volume keys to select "Unlock The Bootloader" option, press the power button to confirm, the device will enter the Deep Test Mode and erase all user data in your device.

Notice :

  • Please upgrade to the latest version and unlock it. Otherwise inaccessible may appear fast boot mode, a fingerprint cannot be used.
  • If the Deep Test quota for a certain model has reached the upper limit, please wait until the quota is released at the beginning of next month and try to apply again.

Download Links :

Reno 10X : Click & Downoad Reno10X Deep Test Apk (Supports C.29)

Find X2 :Click & Download Find X2 Deep Test Apk (Supports A.41)

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