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「ColorOS Interview #3」An Interview with F17 Pro Camera Expert

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Hello ColorOS Fans,
I hope you all are doing good. I have been the part of the ColorOS community since last year. The jouney has been very exciting for me. The ColorOS Community Admins supported me a lot. Being a ColorOS fan, we always want to meet and ask question to the OPPO experts regarding various topics. Recently I got my chance to Interview Mr. Kaushal Prakash who is heading OPPO India Camera R&Dteam. We had interview/discussion on F17 Pro Camera Features. It was really informative.

  Watch the full interview session here :-

This is third episode of this new Coloumn of ColorOS community. If you have missed the previous episode you can find it below

      Here is the discussion that took place in the interview.

Mr.Abhishek :- Hello Everyone,
My self Abhishek and I am ColorOS Community Admin. We are here with a very new episode of ColorOS Interview with R&D Expert.
Today we have Mr. Kaushal Prakash who is heading OPPO India Camera R&D team.
Welcome Mr. Kaushal to ColorOS community where FANs are always keen to know more and more about ColorOS.

Mr.Kaushal :- Hi Abhishek, Hi Piyush (Greetings)

Mr.Abhishek :- Today we will have discussion on F17 Pro camera features with one of our ColorOS fan. So Mr. Piyush will introduce you to the fan.

Mr.Piyush :- Hello Everyone.
My name is Piyush and I am admin of ColorOS community and today on the special episode of ColorOS Interview of R&D, we have a special fan with us who's name is Mr. Vishal Verma. He is heading ColorOS community as a moderator since past 1 year. So, let's welcome Mr.Vishal Verma and let's start today's session.

Mr.Vishal :- Thankyou Abhishek Sir, Piyush Sir for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to host this event.

Hello Mr. Kaushal Sir, Good Afternoon!


Mr.Kaushal :- Yes, Good afternoon Vishal.

Mr.Vishal :- I'm aColorOS FAN, since last 1 year.
I am really very happy to get a chance to interact with you where I can represent all ColorOS FANs and their queries.
ColorOS Fans are always eager to know how OPPO phones are always best regarding camera whatsoever the price segment is considered.
In this event I want to ask you about the camera and its feature of 'newly launched OPPO F17 Pro'.

So, with your permission I would like to start today's interview?

Mr. Kaushal :- Nice to meet you Mr. Vishal. Let us start with the same.

Mr. Vishal :- Thankyou Sir.
So, my 1st question is The AI Colour portrait is something which is loved by most our fan. Does it require hardware specification or it can be achieved with software optimization as OPPO manages to bring this feature on both rear and front camera.

Mr. Kaushal :- First of all, I would like to introduce you about the OPPO R&D and what we are doing in camera part and the motivation which we are having for the same.
First of all I am very much excited to interact directly with the ever growing and highly active ColorOS community members and specially the fans. Thanks to admin for hosting the interaction and honestly enthusiasm of ColorOS fan and appreciation which they share across, is the real motivation for us to innovate in the camera domain. So, from the R&D side we have been following the active and prominent ColorOS fan community members who are sharing their feedback on next requirement of features. So, we research on the demand then we come up with the new solutions.
On similar lines the AI portrait feature which came up on F17 pro. It was because of the requirement which our fan community and end consumer gave and apart from that we are doing extensive research on the user behaviour also about what the users want in their devices. So, we focus on the same and finally came up with AI portrait solution.
Specifically about your question that any hardware specification or is it achieved by software optimization. So to began with“YES”. The initial version of the solution it depends on the basic minimum hardware requirement. But being a R&D we can not limit ourselves to only one side of the solution i.e hardware requirement. So, down the line even in the next models with the ColorOS 11 upgrades we will be deploying on the solution on the mass version of the devices also. So, we are trying to remove the dependency on the hardware and making our software lighter. So, that we are doing right now and that will be applicable on upgrade which will be deploying across all segment of the devices. So right now there is little bit of hardware dependency, we are removing them and down the line it will be available for all.


Mr. Vishal :- That was really informative. So, moving onto our next question.
Night flare Portrait is something new and innovative. Howdid your team got an idea for including such an option in the mobile camera?

Mr. Kaushal :- The basic idea of a night flare portrait we got from “the way the lights are captured”. Trail light photography are very known concept in the photography domain and it is cumbersome. So, if a layman wants to use trail light photography it requires a special set of efforts from his side to capture the scene. So our intension is that any consumer who is holding a OPPO mobile device should be able to capture the most complicated scenario which are captured by the DSLR and other high end devices. So, that is our intention what we are planning and doing.
So here for the night flare portrait we conceptualise the same thing and that motivated us to give the users our OPPO device and he should be able to capture like light trail photography or night flare portrait shots in a single click. So, that was the intention that the user should be empowered to click the most complicated shot with an ease. So, that we are planning to do and done in the night flare portrait also.

Mr. Vishal :- So that's like solving our issues and for those who are not real photographers.

Mr. Kaushal :- Yes, exactly Vishal. That I told initially also, apart from our consumer research what we are following is our prominent ColorOS fans. We are following up on the community and our Admin team is performing an extraordinary job. So time to time we are getting input about the user expectation. So, that expectation is a motivation for us to drive theinnovations which can solve there problems.

Mr. Vishal :- Personally this is one of my most lovedcamera feature the Night flare Portrait. So moving on to my 3rd question that Now-a-days we can see many vloggers who create a cinematic videos using mobile devices which require great stabilization. So, based on that Is there any change in video clarity in normal stable mode and super stable mode?


Mr. Kaushal :- Honestly being and R&D engineer we have to compromise in terms of video clarity for the feature then“we are not adding value to that feature”. So being an R&D engineer our role is that the clarity should not be compromised at any point of time and the intentional effect what we are planning to give it has to be spot on. I am going to share some more detail about super stable mode, the idea behind this. You must have seen the philosophy behind super stable mode that is “eagle head moment or chicken head moment" which is very known concept. If you look at a chicken, his head and eye are focused on the object and he can keep his eye andhead stable and at the same time he can move his body. We want the same thing to be done for the camera part. Even if your hand is shaking, even if you aremoving but the camera is focused on the object. So, final output of therecording should be super stable. We have to solve the practical user problemand give the best possible output.

Mr. Vishal :- As we talking about clarity, Noise in the photo is the main issue that a mobile photographer usually faces. How does OPPO being a manufacturer of camera centric device able to eliminate such issue.

Mr. Kaushal :-“That is why we are selfie expert”. Prior to the selfie phenomenon which overtook the entire industry around 6-7 years back. There were only rear cameras and the front camera were very basic. Our expertise come into picture like we have to maintain the contrast enhancement and motion artifacts and on top of that the noise reduction algorithm. We make good use of them based on the scenario. So that is how we make sure that evenin low light conditions the noise should not be there. Combined effect of hardware and software on scene basis make sure that the noise is minimised.

Mr. Vishal :- that's really amazing how R&D team isthere to solve all such issues.
As mobile is always there with us, either in our pocket or in our hands and no one wants to carry thick and bulky device and oppo managed to bring F17 pro which is sleekest phone we have seen this year. How did the team manage to install camera hardware in such an amazing way?

Mr. Kaushal :- As I have explained that we are focusing on solving the user problem. Our final aim is to solve those problems and adding value to our product.
F17 pro is definitely sleekest phone and it's a combination of hardware and software capability and basically our product has to be unique in the competition scenario. We also try to improvise the thing.If earlier our benchmark was 9mm we reduced to 8mmand so on. That's the way we are working on the reduction of device width.

Mr. Vishal:- Recently one of my family member recentlybought F17 pro and noticed that F17 pro punch hole camera is bit thinner compared to other phones in the market. How did the team manage to do itwithout affecting the camera quality?

Mr. Kaushal:- If you look at the camera dimension size. The bigger the aperture the more visible is the camera to the outer world. So aperture is how much we are allowing the light to fall on our camera.
THE MORE LIGHT WE ALLOW TO PASS THROUGH THE SENSOR, THE BETTER WILL BE THE IMAGE". So here our expertise come into picture, even though the hardware isnot allowing the maximum possible light because we are going for a lower aperture camera, but the software compensate those light scenario. So, with the combination of lower aperture camera and improvised software for the utilization of that hardware we try to achieve same user experience. If on thefront side of the device, if there is big punch hole camera it is not appealin gto the user. So our light algorithm and management algorithm they come intopicture at that point of time.

Mr. Vishal:- Processor is an important component in anydevice. Different phone comes with different processor. As some has Helio processor and some come with Snapdragon. Does it effect camera functioning or efficiency?

Mr. Kaushal:- The high performing chipset work better forthe high CPU utilization for the camera. But with our expertise and experience we try to make our software lighter. So, whatever we are doing in more CPU cycles, we try to minimize that effort on the CPU so that it can be ported to some other chipset also.
Our major aim is that our solutions should work perfectly for any chipset and it should not matter to the user which chipset he is using in his device.  

Mr. Vishal :- We were talking about R&D team and how they are working for the betterment of OPPO devices. So, my next question is regarding Hyderabad Research and Development team.
We heard Hyderabad Research and Development team is contributing a lot in development of OPPO these days. What is the most recent contribution or achievement made by Research and Development team Hyderabad?

Mr. Kaushal :- Yes, we have been contribution heavily on the stabilization and the deployment of better software on OPPO devices globally. If we count on the recent contribution, AI portrait feature which has been launched in the F17 pro device, it has ben developed in the India R&D centre and apart from this we are majorly focusing on localisation part of the software. For example, earlier there were the customers used to pin point that beauty effects on the camera are not customised for the Indian skin tones. We did customization of the software so that it suits more to the Indian skin tones and it appears natural. We are also working to utilize the AI capabilities of the chipset to the best possible limits.

Mr. Vishal :- That's really great. R&D team always bring something new and more awesome for us.
What are the future plans of OPPO regarding camera development. Are we going to see something new coming next year i.e 2021?

Mr. Kaushal :- Definitely Vishal. Our intention is that with every phone we have to add some new value to the consumer. So definitely with all upcoming devices we do give new set of features for the camera. If you see our previous contributions we are 1st in the world to come with
1) 10x zoom
2) pop up camera
3) AI portrait

So, our intention is that with every new device we haveto give some value addition to the consumer. So that is what we are doing and in the coming 2021 our next set of devices coming in the Reno Series, Find X series and F series which are highly popular. Exact feature are confidential and cannot be shared right now but trust the R&D efforts of the OPPO. SOMETHING NEW WILL BE ADDED WITH EACH DEVICE.

Mr. Vishal :- we are definitely very excited for upcoming software updates and the devices.
So my next question is regarding ColorOS 11. ColorOS 11 beta version started rolling out in F17 pro devices. How does ColorOS 11 helps to enhances F17 Pro Camera?

Mr. Kaushal :- If we look at ColorOS 11 apart from many other things, camera is majorly focusing on multitasking improvement. We are working on CPU sensitive operations. ColorOS 11 comes into picture at this point of time is with lesser resources we are able to achieve the similar performance. So, ColorOS 11 is definitely major enhancement and it definitelyhelps to smoothen the experience of camera.


Mr. Vishal :- As Diwali is on its way. OPPO brings to us OPPO F17 Pro Diwali edition with such a beautiful Colour. What makes the team to come up with such an amazing design?

Mr. Kaushal:- If you look like India R&D is spread across many vertical in addition to the camera part. We have design team, hardware team. So the design team came up with localised wallpaper, localised animations, localised features.
On similar lines our hardware team is also working on the localised part to connect better to the user on special occasions like Diwali.We are trying to spark the festive season on our devices and they came up withthe idea of such beautiful Colour which we are trying to put in the F17 ProDiwali edition.

Mr. Vishal: Atlast I want you to say Few words for our  OPPO  photographers around the globe.

Mr. Kaushal :- OPPO photographers are sharing their feedbacks, opinion about their OPPO devices through our ColorOS Community.
My suggestion to the OPPO photographer is to move from the AUTO MODE AND GO MORE INTO EXPERT MODE. In expert mode you will better utilise the ISO, whitebalance, auto focus, shutter speed. PLAY ALONG WITH THEM. That will help you to explore the capability and hardware of the OPPO phones. Let's dive more into expert mode features.

Mr. Vishal :- ColorOS fan are definitely going to make a note of it.Thanks a lot Mr. Kaushal Sir for giving your valuable time and answering on our queries. This session was really an amazing experience for me and very informative for ColorOS FANs.

Mr. Kaushal :- Thankyou Vishal and thankyou to the ColorOS community. You guys are doing an amazing job and lets continue and keep sharing your feedback and improvement points and definitely what you want to see in OPPO devices. We will make best effort from our side to make sure that it will come in next set of devices from OPPO side in the camera domain.


Mr. Abhishek:- Thanks Kaushal, Thanks Vishal for your time and special thanks to Vishal for selecting such wonderful question which enable us to know about F17 Pro camera features which might not be knownto every camera user. It was really great session and we hope we will get to know more about upcoming devices and their camera features and other topic in similar kind of episodes. All the ColorOS fans stay tuned for more such episodeand definitely we will plan more such interactive sessions with R&Dexperts.
Thanks everyone for participating.


Thankyou @Abhi-ColorOS , @PiyushRana for providing me this opportunity.
Special Thanks to Mr. Kaushal Prakash for an interactive session.
Stay tuned for next episodes of this event. You can also get a chance to have an interaction with R&D members.

I am @Vishal_Verma , I hope you like this session
Give your valuable feedback in the comment section below

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Awesome work.


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Great interview Session with Oppo R&D


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A good Session of key point of such camera Features and issues...
Having to go more with these wonderful Session.👏👏👏


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