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[ColorOS Skills]Tips For Portrait Photography

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When you photography a face... you photograph the soul behind it.

Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is Sumedh Joshi. Today i am going to share with you some tips and tricks

for Portrait Photography!

Hope you all like it.

So lets get started...

As we all know in Portrait photography the main motive here is to capture the subject in perfect background in which the subject will be lighten up!

  •   Alter your perspective

                  The main aim in portrait photography should be that the eyes of subject should be in focus,crystal clear! Because eyes help the viewer to get the correctand perfect emotions of the model .

                   Also the photogapher should play with the perspective to make your portriat look unique and beautiful than others. Like the photographer should perfectly blend in the his kinda perspective with the background like he should capture the model with a low angle or the phootographer can also try higher angle to make the subject look more dramatic.

                  Here are some of my examples :-


          For taking this beautiful portrait i lower myself on the gound to give it a lower perspective!


                      Take a look at this portrait i took a support of higher ground and made it look more dramatic in this perspective!

  • Experiment with Lighting :-

                  Light plays very important role in portrait photography. If there is more amount of light than needed it is also a problem for the portrait and also if there is low light condition its also a problem for the portrait!

                  To make the subject more dramatic in any light condition you have to capture the photo through something like flower, grass or something like that this will make the subject pop out from background.

                   You can also click photo opposite to the light, this is know as "Back Light Photography". In this due to the light behind your subject it will help your subjects hairs and dress get a gold shine and it will make them pop out !

                    Here are some of my examples:-


                 In this portrait i have placed my camera in between a flower so that it created a orange layer and made my subject pop out and gave it a feel of Autmn.

                  Here i have used the same technique but just look at this pose i purposely made her do it, it creates a triangle and this triangle perfectly made her shine in the orange layer!
  •   Move your subject out of their comfort zone

                          Sometimes you will stuck in a situvatin where the model is not comfortable with the camera , means she will not be able to pose properly or look confident!

                          To come out of this situvation give some different poses to her like make her jump, click jumping shots or tell her to play with her hair.

                           When i faced this situvaton in my portrait shoot i told my model to play with her dress and also told her to go a little back and come close to my walking towards me and you get shocked after seeing the results, the moment my model saw her photos she was more comfortable and was ready to try various poses!

                            Here are some of my Examples :-


                          Here i told my model to play with the dress and after clicking some shots she started smiling and gave the perfect vibe for this shot !


                        Look at this shot her hairs,smile and this walk perfeclty blend into the frame!

  • Introduce a prop

                       Most of the time you may be out of poses or you can say that the background is not that appealing and it looks like the same other/regular  portrait shoot, then you must introduce a prop with your model to make it perfect and unique!

                        What is prop ? - If you are having a female model  the props can be purse or makeup kit or anything else and some other examples like Oppo earbuds , Oppo watch , or the best option here is any Oppo device as its visually appealing and will make the portrait look beautiful.

                         You need to make sure it perfectly matches the background colour , or the colour of your models dress, sometimes the colour of the prop gets repeated and it looks like unwanted object in the frame!

                          Here are some of my examples : -


                      In this shoot i haves used the Red bag as the prop and look astonishing my shot looks.


                           Here i have used Specs as the prop of this shoot and this changes the mood of the picture it makes the model look more cute! Also take a look on this editing i was very careful while editing this i edited this in photoshop and created a whole different mood and made it look more dramatic.

  • Create a story from Portrait :-

                    Most of the people dont know this technique or take this in consideration as they create a simple portrait, but they dont know you can also create a story through a simple portriat.

                    This method will make you unique and stand out from all the other portrait photographers!

                     In the below example i have created a story where i have show boxing gloves as the object and it created a story like its not compulsory  that all girls need to wear bangles but due to recent environment outside boxing gloves are perfect bangles for women now, and i have also told my model to wear traditional dress as it was time of Diwali festival and i wanted to depict this story to everyone!

                      Here is my example :-


  • See through Portrait!

                       In this type of portrait you need to use the natural object as a frame and let the model stand out of the frame!

                       You can use branch of trees or leaves or any other object and create a frame in such way that it will disturb the background and also the subject and it will look more beautiful.

                       Many people use lens ball or Prism or you can say transparent window so that the model will be see through !

                      Here are some of my examples : -


                     Here i saw this leaves and told my model to stand behind this and made a perfect frame and click this beautiful picture!


                           I told my model to hold this leaf and this green leaf made it the perfect object in the frame!

  • Indoor Portrait Shoot : -

                      Most of the professional photographers click portrait shoots in studio and use all those expensive lights, you can also do that but its not necesarry indoor shoot can be done anywhere in cafe or mall or any place with good ambience!

                       I did the below indoor shoot inside a mall, you need to take permission before doing shoot inside a mall i choose mall as a indoor place as there will already be plenty of lights to make it more beautiful!

                       I have also given few examples above where i have done a shoot inside a cafe!

                       Here are some of my examples :-


                 Look at the number of lights behind the model it looks so beauitful !

                      Also most of the malls have food court and i did this shoot inside a food court just look at the bokeh at the back and i have used smartphone as prop of this shoot!
Guys, lets keep this for today.
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Once again thanks for your continuos love towards ColorOS.
Awesome articles coming soon. Stay tuned for that till then see you. Have a great day.
@Zaki1203 Thanks for being my mentor...



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