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[ColorOS Event] Recap your 2020

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Things end but memories last forever.

Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is Sumedh Joshi. Today i am going to share with you my most memorable moments and my story of how was my year with ColorOS  in 2020

Hope you all feel those moments and would my story which i am going to share with you!

So lets get started...

  • Beginning Of New Chapter :-

                         So me being a photographer i love to capture memories and i was  happy to do this only with Oppo phones their camera module and user experience was on point and the number of features they make available in cameras is what i crave for.

                         After clicking so many pictures then i noticed ColorOS community from my friend. And i was so excited to know more about it i started visiting ColorOS community to know more about it.  I was so happy with the way they have build their website pretty clean i was impressed with the way they support artists like us.

                           When i was scrolling through ColorOS community i came through a article Of @PiyushRana sir related to internship for Photography creators and i was so happy that i can be a part of this beautiful community. And immediately i messaged him saying i would love to be a part of the Team!

  • Chapter 2 Introduction to the Team :-

                         Then Piyush sir introduced me to @Zaki1203 as he was my new mentor. I was so excited to start working for ColorOS community. He explained me my work i have to write articles related to photography on ColorOS community and after i got to know all about the features and everything related to articles.

                         And the next day i was ready with a article. Also there was lockdown in our country and because of which i got much more time to spend for the Community and write more articles and get more and more different topics and spread information to others.


  • Opportunities On ColorOS :-

                                There are so many competitions and events happening every month with great and super prices. This competitions help the artist to showcase their work and win goodies.

                                 Also due to their user-friendly workspace it creates people to love their ColorOS community much more!

                                  There are some special events where you can send your ideas and what you feel about ColorOS !

  • Welcoming Nature ! :-

                               At first i thought how will i get comfotable with the team and later on all of the members welcomed me with love and it felt like its been a long time since i am part of this team1

                               And soon i got comfortable their and the way they all give suggestions and guidance to improve your work is the Greatest advantage to be the part of the Team!

  • End of 2020 : -

                               I am so happy that during this worse time i did something productive and also happy to be part of ColorOS community. Because of writing aticles this developed a great knowledge on writing articles and this made me keep searching for different topics and information to write articles!

                               Excited to Be part of great opportunities in 2021 and be a part  of ColorOS community forever!


Thank you ! ColorOS community for giving me this opportunity !
This was my story for Recaping 2020 with ColorOS community.           

Guys, lets keep this for today.
Hoping our users loved this article please show your love towards me by sending candies.
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Once again thanks for your continuos love towards ColorOS.
Awesome articles coming soon. Stay tuned for that till then see you. Have a great day.
@Zaki1203 Thanks for being my mentor...


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