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[ColorOS Skills]Importance Of Photo Editing

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Wherever there is light, one can photograph

Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is Sumedh Joshi. Today i am going to tell you the importance of Photo Editing!

Hope you all like it.

So lets get started...

When we click a Raw photo, the photo comes looks dull even if you click it with your best settings, to overcome this we do photo editing which helps the color pop out from the image!

  • Why Photo Editing ?

                  Picture editing can make even the most ordinary pictures look extraordinary. If you have clicked some pictures and due to the light conditions availabe at that time the picture came out dark and the subject is not clearly visible then you must edit your photo!

                  You can do anything literraly anything in photo editing. Like you make the subject pop bright from the dark or if the colour of your subjects dress is same as the background and because of which the subject is not highlighting then you can just change the colour of your subjects dress! But aleast main importance of photo editing is to pop colours and bring a dull boring picture into life!

                  Here is my example to the topic why it is important to edit your photos.


                       As you can see in the before version of the picture which is on the left, you can see that is is very dark this is clicked at the best settings availabe at the time then also it looks so dark and we can hardly see the cat. And now look at the image on the right side this is the real power of photo editing!. Turning any dull photo to Bright and beautiful image.

  • Connecting People :-

                       Photo editing helps the viewer get into the image because of the colours you have added into the image it helps to bring different moonds into a boring picture. Most of the people love simple aesthetic edit and also Moody editing is the new trend of 2020.
Moody editing helps the viewer to understand the mood.
                       You can bring the mood as you want into the image depending on the season or the wehter or the background if you want to give it a autmn like feel you can change the colour of the leaves to orange and if you want to give it dark moody feel then decrease the saturation of all and only keep the saturation of the subject it will make the subject pop out from the dark.

                      Look at this Dramatic editing i have done here. First of all i brought all the details into the subject by making the background dark and poped out the subject. Also i gave it a autmn feel by changing the saturation of the leaves. You should edit a photo in a way where the background and also the subject must not be disturbed.

  • Editing Portraits :-

                    Photo editing of portraits can be done not just for personal portraiture, but also for use on commercial projects, such as for fashion spreads in fashion magazines and fashion websites or for fashion e-commerce sites. You can also use this while building your portfolio so that you can get more orders by seeing your work!

                     Portrait editing is a hard task as you have to keep it as natural as it is and not to overdo the edit. Here the main focus of the image is the subject so you have to edit in a way that the subject is always in focus and the subject will should not be over highlighted that the background looks too dark!

                     You have to do the retouching also. Retouching the models face to remove dark circles and smoothen the subjects face you can do this unless you have decide to keep it as natural as possible. Retouching is used to remove spots,belmishes or wrinkles of the subject!

                     Look at this example below to understand this process.

                          Look at this edit here in the before image the models face looks dull and also there is no proper lighting on the models face. Also there are people walking in the background. What i did here is fast of all add details to the models face by increasing structure then i made it pop out by increasing highlights of the face then i retouched her face by removing wrinkes and the dark circles. As i have increased the highlights of the face now i needed to balance it with background so i also made the background look  more brighter so that i will perfectly blend with my subject.


                               Look at this dramatic edit huge difference between before and after did retouching on the face as it was looking kinda dull because of the lighting and added details to subjects dress and her face by removing the wrinkles and spots. And also did colour grading to the background and gave it a pink moody like look.

  • Colour Correction and Colour Grading :-

                          At the time of clicking the colour of the subjects can vary due to the environment and the lighting in which you are clicking.  When you click the photo during early morning then you can clearly see the fog but it will kook as smoke in the image and also it will make the image look blurry.

                          To adjust this properly we do color corection. And we do color Grading when we a=want to add mood to the picture. This can be depend on Yellow, Greeny , Pink or Blue.

                          Colour grading is my favourite part in photo editing it helps the boring photo turn to an intresting one!

                          Here is my example to this topic.


                          As you can see because of the fog the image look blurry and didnt made it look dramatic so edited this in a way where the buildings poped from the fog without completely removing the fog.
  • Editing Panning shots :-

                        The most important part in clicking panning shot is to show the motion of the vehicle and the backround should be blured with the subject. And because of this what most people do is clicking unfocused shot, most of the times the subject gets out of the focus and makes it look blurry.

                       This happens because we have to click this in slow shutterspeed. No worries we can still edit this and make it look sharp but remember only the subject and also without losing the details.

                        Also most of the click in faster shutterspeed whic arise in not bluriing the background and not getting the motion effect , we can also fix that in editing by blurring the background in a motion effect and keeping the subject as it is crystal clear.


                        As you can see here the vehicle in the subject is out of focus and is not detailed so what i did is i added details to the subject and then did colour grading to the subject and also made the vehicle pop out by working on the colour of the vehicle.

                           Here you can see that the subject is crystal clear so is the background because of which it doesnot give the motion effect so i edited the road in such a way that it make it feel that the vehicle is in motion.
  • Editing according to the Time :-

                     Editing according to the time means if you have clicked the photo eearly morning and if there are sunrays which are passing through the subject then you should do the editing in the same way.

                     This type of editing adds more importance to the subject and also the background and makes the viewer know the mood and also feel the tiiming and can feel the vibe of the image.

                      This will help you edit the image in natural way and will help you not to disturb the background but to add life to the image.

                       Here is my example to this :-

                         Just look at the image you can see the sun rays falling on the road in the before image so i made it more dramatic and lively. Also brcause of fog it looks blurry in before image so i added more details to the image!


                            At the time of clicking this image i saw that there are sunrays falling on the subject but when i saw the picture i clicked it look dull and broing so i purposely edited this photo in such a way that it will kook like the way i saw through my eyes.
  • Editing Astro Photography :-

                    When you click photos of the star due to the city lights the photo comes out more brighter and you can hardly see the stars as there are not much details in it.

                     Astro-Photography totally depends on the way you edit the image the more the details you try to bring to the photo the more the stars and more it looks dramatic.

                    The stars here will be crystal clear you only have to bring them back to life by adding more details to the image.


                        Just look at the difference between before and after image you need to increase your brightness to see more details of this beautiful image.

Guys, lets keep this for today.
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