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「ColorOS Photo Story」Best Photography Collection by FANs in 2020!!

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Hello ColorOS Fans!

    Finally, we are in2021, the year from which we all have many hopes. I hope you are doing good andstaying safe. 2020 was not bad but it was a very tough year for all world andin these tough times we saw the unity, togetherness, a family. We learnt tohave a family time and to give time to ourselves. But as a ColorOSian I have somuch to share and so much good moments in 2020.


     Just like me manyof the Creators and Super Fans had a great experience and moments in 2020 withColorOS. With ColorOS things are never limited so how can we be limited. TodayI’m here to share the colour of 2020 with you. Colours, which was coloured byour great Fans. These Fans are not common they have a unique ability, theyhelped us to see good in 2020. When whole 2020 seems to be colourless theycrayoned the whole world of our Fans with there great Photoshoots and videos. Notonly this they kept sharing the stories behind every click they were takingfrom OPPO smartphone. So this article is for them to give a tribute to them.
    We’ve selectedsome very good shots and creators and gave their name to every month. As wehave 12 months in a year, we will see one or two creators for each month anddon’t miss the last month December as it has something very special. So let’s beginwith the first month –



Month of @Zaki1203

     Zaki, he’s one ofthe most active member of the community. He always keep sharing his idea andskills with us, The January month is same like Zaki, it gives us energy,quality in work, make us more productive. This month give us a hope to startwith all we have and to make a difference in us.

  Let’s hear what Zakisays about the 2020 and his experience:


    Hey Myself Zaki Arif Ali, I'm from Bhopal(M.P) City of lakes.I started doing photography in recently years only and gotopportunity to join ColorOS Community and now its coming to one year as aCreator of ColorOS. Here I got a wonderful experience in a very short time.Official team convert my hobby into my profession. Every day I am learning newthings.
If we go through carefully and steady in terms of knowledgehere one can experience a treasure of knowledge just we have to use right key.If you're good at something share it and teach others and that's what I do.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:
@BhaveshP @Influencer @pralayjana @GowthamMadeswara @SAIPAVAN @Amit_T @ManisRana @MdRockz             

M O N T H    O F    Z A K I



Month of @Sandy543 – @Vishal_Verma

You might bethinking whose name is this, well this is not just one person this month is of2 dedicated members who are Sandesh & Vishal. This two solves the query ofour members in the community, but it’s not enough for them they are even a verygood photographer. They’ve shared a little moment with us in 2020.

When I asked them about their view they both said-


Vishal - Hello this Vishal, Moderator of ColorOS Community.I like to Capture landscapes. I love to create vlogs. I am also learningdifferent kinds of Photography style.  Itry to click pictures of things that we see in our daily life but in adifferent perspective. Join our ColorOS group to show your photography style.Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


Sandesh - Hello, This is Sandesh Lohana, A Pre - Photo ClubMember of ColorOS  Community. I'm aStreet photographer, I love to records everyday life in a public place. Thevery publicness of the setting enables the me to take candid pictures ofstrangers, often without their knowledge. I try to show emotions, figure anddifferent lifestyle then our. I'll present you more street life's and moreinteresting story with my  Oppo camera ,so stay tuned for more . Wishing you a very Happy New Year .

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:

@Influencer SAIPAVAN @GowthamMadeswara @BhaveshP @pralayjana @rahulAV @Amit_T @SonOfSingh

M O N T H    O F    SAN  -  VIS



Month of @MdRockz

March – the month of colours, when I say colours it meansabout HOLI. Md Rocks is the coolest guy I know when it comes to photography.He’s a pro photographer who know how to utilize every source and props inphotography. If you want to learn how to create some creative clicks you canalways ask him.

Check out what he says about his experience—


“ Hey I'm Sk Mehedi Hassan from Kolkata, India.
I always believe photography is a reflection of your mind.As Aaron Siskind said " Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, ofloving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers littlethings, long after you have forgotten everything.”And these words make meinspire to capturing more n more photos ..... , I always loved to play with lights & capture creative shots because an expert photographer always knowhow to use light source in creative way .”

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:
M O N T H    O F    M D   R O C K Z

A  P  R  I  L  


Month of @BhaveshP
   April - As we know that "Health is wealth".Therefore, World Health Day is celebrated worldwide every year on 7th April. Same as we have a doctorwho keep giving us the healthy environment and fresh photos with less edits. He's the creator who give maximum number of articles per month.

Letshear what he says about himself and his journey-

I'm a tech enthusiast, love to test various hardware &software as a hobby.
"Aim to make sure that each photograph that you take isin some way better than the one you took before."

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:

M O N T H    O F    B  H  A  V  E  S  H

M  A  Y  


Month of @devyani_99 & @Ritumaheshwari

Devyani and Ritu are the creative members of our communityin terms of Photography. Where devyani is a queen of flatlays and Ritu is aqueen of moody beach pictures! Just like May, the month of summer, they bothgive us warmth n homely feeling with their work of art. May is the month wherethe summer meets the soul.

Let’s see their beautiful word –

photo_2021-01-08_18-12-43.jpg     photo_2021-01-08_18-12-45.jpg

Sometimes I find it weird sometimes I find it's just my nature ! I don't know what it is but I notice everything around me like I notice people's expressions around me I try to read their faces I try to know is they happy or not ! If I find them sad I literally feel them ! And thatthing want me to capture them You know the best thing about being a photographer is you observe everything around you ! You observe what's happening in surrounding areas you observe every little things good bad ! You feel that good you feel that bad while photographing it and for me that makes me different from other a photographer is always a lover of the mother earth a photographer cant ignore the beauty in surrounding that art of appreciation Photography gives me . I always say to my self I living a different life.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:

M O N T H    O F    D E V  -  R I T U

J  U  N  E  


Month of @Amit_T

Amit is the most creative and active member of ourcommunity. He likes to take lead and initiatives for many different things. Hisarticles are super informative and filled with lots of generous content. Andwith time, his articles are shining on the community page, just like the monthof June; where the dew drops shine in the misty morning of monsoon.

He says-


Hey guys, I'm Amit Tiwari, from the City of dreams Mumbai.
I like being creative with the content I produce. I have noparticular field of interest, but rather, I'm interested in each n every aspectof the photography. For me, spending time for community n for photography isquite therapeutic. It relaxes me. I'm very honoured and grateful to be a partof Core Team and the ColorOS Community.
It's important to see the beauty, before capturing it. Happy New Year

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:

M O N T H    O F    A  M  I  T

J  U  L  Y  

Month of @lazybilla & @chaitanyaa14

Satyam and Chaitanya are both the masters of pro photography. Satyam is amazing at street photography and Chaitanya is a pro at macros. As both of their works brighten the most with some monsoon feeling, they dedicate the month of July, where the rain begins. Both are the masters of editing.

photo_2021-01-08_19-06-18.jpg       photo_2021-01-08_19-06-19.jpg

Chaitanaya say-

Heyy everyone My self Chaitanya Ghanate, I'm belong fromCity of Unity Hyderabad.vI have been working with ColorOs Community from past6-7 months. I have learnt many things from the Community and I'm providing thesame how much I know. I have been doing photography from past 2 years. It was agreat opportunity for me when I got selected for Oppo Reno 4 Pro Trial device. Lookingforward to contribute more and learn from Community.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:

M O N T H    O F    S A T Y  -  C H A I

A  U  G  U  S  T  


Month of @Faisaleqbal18

Faizal is our one of the precious member of the community.He keeps giving his time n efforts in various different ways. His photographyskills are next level. He represents various different flavours in him, justlike the month of August, that gives us various different festivals and eventsin the whole calender. Kudos to Faizal for being amazing in every aspect.


What he says is –

Hello, I'm FaisalEqbal, Photo Club member of ColorOS Community. I'm a mobile Photographer i dotravel and street Photography,
      I've triedalmost every genre of photography but street photography my favourite becauseeverytime you'll go on streets you'll find new stories. Photography issomething that motivates me, that made me different from others. For me photography is all about finding emotions and stories in pictures.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:
@HeenaV @BhaveshP @devyani_99 @Zaki1203 @lazybilla @Faisaleqbal18 @chaitanyaa14 @SAIPAVAN @ManisRana @nonu_01 @Shaurya16 @techcliq @abhijeet18 @Tooblah

M O N T H    O F    F  A  I  S  A  L

S  E  P  T  E  M  B  E  R


Month of @Heena

Heena is newbie in the Photography as well as in Community. We are amazed by her perfomance, the way she writes her article always impressed us. Now she is trying to do photography and she's just click it like a pro. In September, where the monsoon ends and Autumn starts, justlike that, a new chapter of ColorOS Community starts for Heena.


Heena says-:

Hello ColorOSians, I'm Heena Valecha and I'm from Mumbai.
I like Creativity and Minimalism, this describes who am Ithe best. I'm an introvert, I don't speak much, but the pictures I click speaklouder and better.
I have joined this community with the pure intention ofgiving and learning. There's so much of everything on this platform, and I feellucky to be the Photoclub Member of the ColorOS Community

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:

@SAIPAVAN @Amit_T @BhaveshP @MdRockz @Faisaleqbal18 @Zaki1203 @Terminator @chaitanyaa14 @Sumedh_joshi @Shaurya16 @ManisRana @AnujNaik @smasithick @Sandy543 @Kamchorladki @Harshit2004 @techcliq

M O N T H    O F    H  E  E  N  A

O  C  T  O  B  E  R  


Month of @pralayjana

Pralay is our young Macro expert. He grasps everything soquickly. His photography skills are top notch and his pictures go viral every single time. He contribution to the community with his photography articles.Just like October vibes with Autumn, Pralay vibes with Macros.


The young heart says-

Hello, This is Pralay Jana, Photo Club member of ColorOS Community. Specially I Capture macros through my lens! Also besides macro I'malso in Creative, Light Painting, Landscape etc. Photography is all aboutobservation power and the way of viewing the things around us which makes usdifferent from others. I try to show scenes from the macro world which is easily overlooked by the ordinary people! Presenting more from the miniature World infront of all ColorOSians in this New Year. Stay tuned. Wishing you avery Happy New Year.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:
@Amit_T @BhaveshP @chaitanyaa14 @shotbyaniket @lazybilla @ManisRana @MdRockz @SONAMBAWA @Vishal_Verma @Faisaleqbal18 @OmTandel @techcliq @the13megapixel @Shaurya16

M O N T H    O F    P  R  A  L  A  

N  O  V  E  M  B  E  R  


Month of @the13megapixel & @shotbyaniket

Anikesh and Aniket are budding aspirants. They both showcasetheir talents in the best manner on the ColorOS Community. Anikesh is skilledat his flatlay photography and Aniket is amazing at expressing his photostoriesin articles. The represent the month of November.


Anikesh says-

About myself- Hi, I am Anikesh, a commercial and fashionphotographer, currently living in Tripura. I was in love with Photography sincechildhood but was never handed over a device to capture them. When I grew olderand did a freelance job, with the salary I bought a DSLR and soon after Istarted learning it well and respected it fully. 2020 has been a great year forme.
“ Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things,long after you have forgotten everything.”


Aniket Says-

About myself- Hi, I am Aniket , a Macro and Landscape photographer, currently living in Wardha. I was in love with Photography from 2 years . I like to Capture the Beautiful Moments through My Vision . I started the Mobile Photography from this Year . 2020 has been a great year for me.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:  @Bhavesh @the13megapixel @chaitanyaa14 @Vishal_Verma @ManisRana @MdRockz @Zaki1203 @Harsha10007 @HeenaV @pralayjana @TirumaleswaraRao @Sumedh_joshi

M O N T H    O F    A  N  I  -  A  N  I  

D  E  C  E  M  B  E  R  


Month of @ManisRana

    December - December is an important month in the community, because it is the month of ceremonies. All children are the same age at the same time, and in December they have a ceremony where they turn the next age. For us Manis is very important as he always amaze us with his photography. He's truly a symbol of creativity.


He says--

Hi my self Manish Rana,
I'm from Uttarakhand, I'm part of this ColorOS community for more than 2 years . I love to do photography, I explore my this hidden talent 2 years ago, and many things I've to learn in future through this community.
I'm very happy to be part of this community.
You wil click 1000 pictures, and 999 pictures makes you disappoint but at the end that 1 picture always make you smile. So keep trying don't give up.

Below are the names of the contributors during the month:  
@HeenaV @Amit_T @BhaveshP @Sumedh_joshi @shotbyaniket @Faisaleqbal18 @Sreejith @GowthamMadeswara @Harsha10007 @Shaurya16 @TirumaleswaraRao @Vishal_Verma @Terminator @lazybilla @ManisRana @SAIPAVAN @Teja_Reddy @Zaki1203

M O N T H    O F    M  A  N  I  S

S P E C I A L   C O L L E C T I O N  

photo_2021-01-08_20-34-01.jpg    photo_2021-01-08_20-33-59.jpg

This special collection is dedicated towards all our different members, who have given their time n loveto the community in the past; to those members who are giving their bestcurrently; and to those who will continue to contribute in the future. This special collection is a roof for all the ColorOS Community contributors. We really thanks to @apeepsohaimi @DK2020 @Harshit2004 @EricLauGuanXian @anvish15 @Abhishek2003 @Krisala00 @Sandeep3639 @SONAMBAWA @ Anish__46 @Kamchorladki.

Your Skills are the Most Expensive Equipment you will ever have

        We are really thankful to our Creators and Family for showing and sharing their creativity. Without our community fans and you this year would have not been so colourful. You can join us in the journey and get many amazing gifts by showing your creativity.
       I hope you love this annual collection, stay tuned for more upcoming photo collection and youcan add yours by saying your story behind every clicks. Show some love andshare with your friends. See you soon with more new and creative works.

Happy New Year
Keep Contributing !


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