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[App Hub] Android 11 Features On Any Android Smartphone

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Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is "on" all the time.

Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is A.S Chohan. Today I am going to share an app collection related to How To Get Android 11 Features On Any Android Smartphone.

Google in September 2020 released their latest version of Android OS -  Android 11. Many devices will get this Android version update but it is not clear when. Meanwhile, there are many apps on the Google Play Store that can help us to experience the Android 11 latest features to our Android phone instantly.

Media Controls - Power Shade

Power Shade 1.jpg

One of the major changes in Android 11 in the quick settings panel is the addition of the quick media controls which lets us change the audio output from one device to another device with just a tap.
You can get a similar Android 11 notification tray with the help of the Power Shade app which is available for free on the Google Play Store. This app completely replaces the default panel with Android 11’s quick settings panel along with the media control. Users just need to give a lot of permissions as it changes many system settings like searching for changing brightness settings, wifi networks, and many more, but the best part of this app is that it doesn’t take or access any of the important permissions like storage and camera.


Revoke Permissions - Bouncer

Bouncer 1.jpg

Android 11's biggest privacy feature is giving one-time permissions for apps and also revoking permissions for any app which doesn't use those permissions for a long time. Users can experience this similar feature with the help of the bouncer app which is a paid app. This app gives you a notification if you give permission to any app asking you to keep or revoke the permission after the usage. If you click on revoke, then the permission you have provided to the app will be revoked. The best part is that we can also get the schedule permission from the notification, which will automatically revoke the permission once the scheduled time is completed.

Bouncer 2.png

Chat Bubbles - Direct Chat

Direct Chat 1.jpg

As you all know Android 11’s main focus is on conversations in which conversations will be in floating bubbles format which can be moved around on the phone screen and access from any app which is familiar to the Facebook messenger chat bubble. Users can get this feature on any Android with Direct Chat which is available for free on the play store. Direct Chat comes with a lot of customization features like customizing the bubble look, remembering the last position of the chat bubble, dark mode, and many more cool features.

Direct Chat 2.png

Selective DND Mode - Daywise

Daywise 1.jpg

Daywise is a smart post box for all the notifications. This app analyzes every app on your phone and categorizes them into 'Instant' and 'Batched'.  This app lets us choose which of our friends can interrupt us during work hours, and also batch the rest for later. This app lets us decide who will get our attention. Users have to grant "Contacts" permission to unlock this unique feature. Also can choose the time slot of the day when all thew notification will be shown on the notification panel which will be helpful in many circumstances. This will let us protect your work, sleep, and personal time. This app will send a notification bundle of all notifications you got while you were working, sleeping, and relaxing and can view them with just a single click.

Daywise 2.png

Notification History - Notification History Log

Notification History Log 1.jpg

Android 11 also comes with a unique feature in which users can also check out dismissed notifications just by clicking on the “Manage Notifications” option below the notifications. Not just this, this app also gives us the option to see the message content. Users can get these similar features by installing the Notification History Log app and it simply takes takes “Notification Access” permission and just stores all the notifications just like a list. The app collects the notification just like the same way as Android 11, it likewise packages all the notices from one application which additionally shows incorporates the message content.

Notification History Log 2.png

Image Credit:
All the images are shown here in this collection are screenshot taken on my device but all the rights are reserved to Google Play Store & their original creators.

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