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[ColorOS Skills] Tips on Panning Photography

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Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is Sumedh Joshi. Today i am going to share with you some tips and tricks

on Panning Photography!

Hope you all like it.

So lets get started...

Panning photography is a technique in photography that uses a slow shutter speed nwhile moving your camera along to create motion blur in the background.

  • Use of Shutter Speed : -

                    You need to use slow shutter speed to capture great photographs of moving subjects. The motion is captured, which gives it a blurred background while keeping the subject in the viewfinder in the same position, giving it a sharp look in contrast to the motion blur that the subject is surrounded by.

                    After setting the shutter speed to slow then you have to move with the subject and click the image to get those smooth blur in the background which is also known as motion blur.
                   The right shutter speed depends on how fast your subject is moving. If you have a subject going really fast, such as a car, you’ll want to make sure your shutter speed is around 1/125.

                    For subjects moving slowly, you may need a shutter speed of around one-eighth of a second. For a moving subject at a moderate pace, you want to make sure your shutter speed is around 1/60 second.


                   As this subject was moving slowly i used 1/40 as my shutterspeed and moved with the subject and clicked this shot handheld.

  • Focusing Matters :-

                        In panning the second most and the most hardest thing to achieve is proper focus. If you are able to properly focus on the moving subject then you will get super crystal clear shot. If you are using a DSLR i will suggest you to use Back button focusing for faster focusing .
                       To  focus for a perfectly panned photo, you’ll want to make sure that you enable shutter priority mode on your camera. Since panning photography is all about perfecting shutter speed, that’s your main priority.

                       You don’t have to worry about the aperture andISO values on your camera at this time. Your camera will take care of those for you, based on lighting conditions.

                       For smartphone you have to manually set the focus to the centre of the screen so that when the subject arrives in the centre it will automatically come to focus and you just have to click the shot.


                  Its is really hard to click panning using 1/40 or less than that shutterspeed, as there will be more hand shake seen in the image.

  • Framing the subject :-

                       To make your panning look more attractive and catch more people to like it you need to do something unique and try different frames sso that the subject will stand out to all.

You can use framing to capture fast moving subjects sharply with some motion blur in the background. To do this, use your camera on a tripod or a camera strap around your neck so that you can follow the moving subjects smoothly.

                        Play with the perspectives and i am sure you will finally get the  best out of it.

                         You want to prepare your image and frame it like the moving subjects are already in the scene, then wait for the subject to come into your focal area.

                       I waited on this spot for so much time to get any panning of any sports or rare cars like mustang and porsches or even mercedes bmw but all i could see was Swift and Maruti everywhere .
  • Accuracy is important :-

                      Accuracy plays a very important role in panning photography as you nedd motion blur in the background also the subject should be sharp and in foucs it is very important that you need to be accurate while clicking this shots.

                      Also you have to move at the same speed with the subject to get the smoothest blur in the  background.

                      If you want to be accurate then use shutter priority mode , continuous AF , Back button auto focusing.
                         This shot looks like a need for speed shot shutter speed was 1/60 handheld .
  • Fake panning using pics-art:-

                         As panning photography is not everyones cup of tea so what they do is add fake motion blur using picsart and it looks terrible working hard and learning and then clicking the photos is the step which they skip and directly they jump to fake part.
Steps to edit :-  

                        Even if you try your level best to get the fake motion blur to look real a real professional photographer or a photographer with good knowledge can identify it easily.

                        You cannot recognize right that this is fake blur ? thats the power but you need to really work on this and also give a touch using snapseed to make it look real.
                          But in this image you can easily recognize that i have added fake motion blur to this image.
  • Editing is important :-

                          Adding tones to the panning shot is also important as it will add different vibe and importance to the photo. Tones makes the subject stand out from the background even though the background is not blurred.

                          Moody tonesx will make the shot look more dramatic and will catch more and more attention of people i  such a way that they will get excited to start clicking panning shots.

                          Here i will be showcasing some examples on this process do take a look on this .

                        Look at the difference between both of this edits they make this pictures look more beautiful.
Guys, lets keep this for today.
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