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「ColorOS Know How」Reviewing Oppo A9

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Hello ColorOS family,

   I hope you all are healthy and doingwell. Myself Sameer katta, one of member in ColorOS community. Last time I hadwritten about OPPO F17 pro .Today I am going to describe ,how Oppo A9 cameraworks ,what are it's features? , phone’s battery life and many more.
               So let's start,,
Oppo A9 ,a phone with some advanced features in reasonableprice was released recently in 2020 by Oppo company. It has all those featureswhich a user is looking for ,can beat other branded phones and also veryattractive .


All features user want

48MP Quad camera ultra wide camera equipped with night mode2.0 ,which is best for any occasion and scenery you want to click.
Dolby atmos and dual stereo speakers for clear voicetransmission
Snapdragon 665 with game boost 2.0 for smoothly playinggames along with other functions like songs ,chats ,call and all.
5000mAh battery with type C charging facility and reversecharging capability. Such a strong battery life at low price.
6.5” Nano water drop sunlight screen with aesthetic design,,which makes screen smooth, bright in sunlight and user feels cool to use.


              Acamera that you want in every occassion

5 separate camera s in a single smart phone with 16 MPfront camera and 48 MP rear Quad camera .
For better resolution ,a 48MP rear main lens is alsoattached. For panaromic view 119 degree ultra wide lens is also there. For AIbeauty 16 MP front lens is also attached and 2 rear lens for artistic portraits,which makes anyone  a photography lover.


  Forget the problem ofwidening  pictures

Oppo A9 with ultra wide angle lens  clicks wide scenes in confined spaces with aclear zoom.
So Oppo is day by day proving to it's users ,forgot theproblems and enjoy your work.
Now everyone and every object can be captured in a singlescreen with depth and dimension you want with 8MP high resolution and 119 degree angle of view.
                                       Video stability

One of the important feature you want because everyone is facing a problem of video shaking ,jerkingand photography in crowdy place  . Butfrom now you don't have to worry, Oppo has conquered this problem  by EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) withintelligent technology and  internal gyroscope. So that you can record every moments with sharp stability and crystal clarity.
Oppo A9 solved the problem ,whether you are riding vehicles,running ir travelling.


   Combination of beauty andintelligence

Oppo A9 2020 provides 16MP front AI beautification camera which automatically detectsdifferent ages, skins and beautify objects according to modern era  .Cool camera for all genders.
                        360 degree stereo sound

With  Dolby atmosand Dual stereo speakers you can immerse yourself with sound even at fullvolume .
Instead of 1 speaker it is connected with 2 speakers forfull audio ambience as it is equipped with Dolby atmos .So you can surroundyourself with full bodied experience. OPPO-A9-2020-.jpg

   3D Aesthetic design

Oppo A9 is a phone on another level. It’s 3D ergonomicbody  was designed  for better grip,onehanded and thinner visuality with colour inspired from nature. An ultra slimbody.
                      Not only a single screen


The Oppo A9 is like a jewel in world of phones with 6.5 “Nano water drop notch display with sunlight screen  + blue shield.  Nano water drop notch  is 31.4% smaller than before. For readingunder strong sunlight in daytime it has dynamic pixel adjustment for sharpreading. Furthermore ,one important thing is that it also cares about youreyes.  It filters out the blue light  to prevent eye pain, protect from specs andhelps you work longer.
Beside this it is smarter because of ColorOS 6.0.1  with all new UI designs ,smooth navigation .It is based on android 9.0  withborderlands design,  smart  assistance ,swipe up gesture and Opportunitycloud service.
In last word this phone will provide you all thoseamazing features which you are looking for in reasonable price.
Reference : wikipedia, the verge.com

Thanks to @heena V to helping me out this article

Thank you ,stay safe ,stay happy.

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