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[ColorOS Lifestyle] Android 12 Features You Should Know

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Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is A.S Chohan. Today I am going to share an article about Android 12 Features You Should Know.

As you all know that Google has released the first Developer Preview of Android 12, codenamed - Android Snow Cone to the public, giving us access to the initial build of the OS.
Every new version of Android goes through multiple developer previews and beta updates. Android 12 is all about making the OS “more intuitive, better performing, and more secure.”

Google has also laid out the roadmap of future Android 12 releases and we will see a more refined beta version coming around Aug-Sept 2021 followed by the final release in late 2021.

So now wasting any time, let's dive into the details of the confirmed features.

Themes & Customizations

Android 12's main focus is on themes and customization. Users can now change the colors of the theme and the whole on the phone theme will automatically adapt the shade of that color. And also color gets changed according to the color of the home screen wallpaper. Also can change the shape and size of the icons.

There are also some changes in the settings menu also as they adapt slight blue color on the background of the settings menu which looks more refreshing.

WIFI  Sharing

With the new Android 12, users can now share the wifi with the other phones by using nearby share which is more convenient. When the users send the Wi-Fi password via Nearby share, it will automatically connect the receiving Android device to the Wi-Fi.

Screenshots Editing Tools

Google added new editing features in Android 12, now users can add text, Emoji, and stickers to their screenshots using the same tool. The changes are not great, but they will stop the need for third-party apps.

Changes in Notifications

In New Android 12, the notification drawer has become translucent and with this users can see the wallpaper behind the notifications. And there is also an increasing gap between Conversations & Silent notification which separates them.

In this, the profile picture of the sender has gotten bigger which makes it easier to identify the sender by viewing the picture. And with the notification, Google also introduced a small “Snooze” option. Users can enable this snooze button from the settings.

One-Handed Mode ( Silky Home )

one hand.png
As smartphones are getting taller and bigger, it is very difficult to go top of the menu.
With Android 12, Google solved this problem by introducing a feature called “Silky Home” in which all the controls came under the reach of the thumb. The options and sub-menu are stacked at the bottom for easy one-handed usage which is now more convenient.


double tap.png
With Android 12, Google wants to brings the Double-Tap gestures to all devices. Users can now wake Google Assistant, play/pause media, see recent apps, or open notifications by just double-tap back of theirs phone.

Drag & Drop Images ( Unified API )

Android 12 comes with changes to unified API which now lets to move and copy media better between the apps. Users can now in Android 12 just drag and drop text, images, or any media content from one app to the other.

Split Screen Mode ( App Pair )

With Android 12, users can now create pair of the app which can e opened in the split-screen simultaneously. This is a very handy feature as we can now open two apps in split-screen at the same time by just tap on the shortcut.

According to my Android, 12 are just a few minor tweaks and cosmetic changes over the Android 12. Do note that, this is the first developer preview and these features most likely will change in the Beta and final variants. Overall, Google continues to improve Android with every iteration.

Credit: All the rights of the images and text used are reserved for GoogleSearch & their original creators.

Guys let's keep this for today.
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@Zaki1203 Thanks for being my mentor...

A.S Chohan


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This android 12 features is very good
I am waiting for my device to come on OPPO A5 2020
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