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[ColorOS Know-How ] How To Share Apps Using Google Play Store

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Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is A.S Chohan. Today I am going to share an article about How to share installed apps on our smartphone using Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is recently rolling out a sharing feature that lets the users share apps with others without the need for any third-party apps which is one most handy features. This feature works with the help of Android’s Nearby Sharing System which lets us share things between Android Systems.

Now Wasting any time, let's start the tutorial.

Basic Requirement:

In order to take advantage of the new functionality on your smartphone, the version of the Google Play Store should be 24.0 or newer.

Steps how to enable app sharing in the Google Play Store:

This feature is still not available on all smartphones as this feature is  not receiving to all the smartphones simultaneously.

If you're one of the lucky ones, here's how to initiate the app sharing feature on the Google Play Store:


  • First users have to open the Play Store. Then navigate to My apps & games in the app menu.

  • After that select the Share tab.

  • To share apps with others, just tap the Send button. And the user who want to receive apps, that users have to just tap on Receive button.

  • On the Send apps screen, tap Continue. Google's Nearby Share needs the device's location to switch on.

  • Users just need to select as many apps as they wish to be shared on the next screen by selecting their checkboxes. When all selected, hit the green triangle in the top-right.


  • Before the transfer can begin, users will need to search for and select a recipient. At this point, ask the recipient has to complete steps 1 through 3 as required.

  • Once the connection between the sender and receiver gets established, also need to double-check that the four-digit pairing code matches.

  • If all the steps are followed quickly then the download will begin, and after that recipient can hit Install alongside individual apps, or also can Install all.

By following all the above steps users can share apps between the devices.

Image Credit: All the images shown here in this article are screenshots taken on my device but all the rights are reserved for Google Play Store & their original creators.

Guys let's keep this for today.
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A.S Chohan


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Play store not working
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