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[App Hub] Best Smartphone Customization App - 2021

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Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is A.S Chohan. Today I am going to share an app collection on Best Smartphone Customization App - 2021.

In today's article, I will tell you about the best customization apps which can give your smartphone a completely new look. The best part of the apps is that all of the apps are available for free to download from Google Play Store.

So without wasting any time, let's get started...


BitLit is an Android Customization News app that gives you all the news about App Updates, SALEs, Giveaways, New Launches of Android Customization Apps all within the app. The app comes with many different categories for Wallpapers, Icon Packs, KWGT & KLWP which makes it very simple to find the desired wallpapers or icon packs. Also comes with Highlights and a top section for Top Grossing Recent News. The UI of the app is very beautiful, clean, and has a modern look also. The best part is that it also comes with Dark Mode which can be toggled in the settings. It gets updated multiple times daily and is totally free without any ads.


Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper

Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper that portraying an abstract interpretation of the animated gears and parts of a mechanical watch, complete with a variable speed Swiss Tourbillon escapement, realistic component motion, and millisecond precision timekeeping. It really captures the magic of clockwork. Users can personalize each component separately and also can choose from multiple gear layouts. Users can also choose an image from a selection of built-in images, or import their own for use as a backdrop.


Pro Screens

unnamed (1).png
Pro Screen is an app that brings you out the latest Home Screen Setup. It has a huge collection of home screen setups with full details that get updated daily. It allows the users to upload their home screens directly through the app. Users can also filter the setups with their categories. Also a separate sections for wallpapers also. Also can win promo codes when you participate in the contest within the app. Also gives news about tech and paid app sales news also.



STOKiE is a special app that has huge collections of stock wallpapers of all smartphones from different smartphone brands. Has 5000+ 4K, HD Quality stock wallpapers. Users can set both their home screen and lock screen within the app. New Wallpapers get updated a daily or weekly basis. Also support Themes. Comes with many interesting features like Auto  Wallpaper Changer, gradient Wallpapers Maker, and many more.


Bluetooth audio device widget

Bluetooth audio device widget is the best widget for easy connect Bluetooth audio devices. Users can quickly toggle between the audio devices using this widget. This app allows the users to connect their Bluetooth audio device and play Spotify without going into the settings menu with just one click. The Bluetooth icon on the widget signalizes the state of the connection. Blue icon - connected, gray icon - change of state (connecting/disconnecting). You can see connected Bluetooth profiles on the widget and if the device supports it, also battery level (requires Android 8.1).


Image Credit:
All the images are shown here in this collection are screenshots taken on my device but all the rights are reserved to Google Play Store & their original creators.

Guys lets keep this for today.
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@Zaki1203 Thanks for being my mentor...

A.S Chohan


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