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「ColorOSKnow How」Review on Oppoearbuds

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Hello ColorOS fans,

   Hope  you all are happy and safe and doing well. Myself Sameer katta, one of member of ColorOS family . Today I had written about oppo earbuds ,technologies and my review. So let's start-

Earbuds  and  Earphones

    Earbuds or earphones  are the pair of small loudspeakers ,which are worn on both ears for listening audios, calling etc. They are electroacoustic transducers which converts electricalsignals into sound energy . Earphones or earbuds quite soundssimilar ,having similar functions too but there is also a difference lies . When we talk about earphones, ,theygenerally indicates wired small speakers connected to a phone whereas earbudsare wireless with best sound quality and noise cancellation feature whichare not found in earphones . Whatever it is ,we are not here to differentiatethem .Our main focus here will be earbuds ,and whenever it comes toearbuds, one can think of OPPO earbuds with an unbeatable sound qualityand some extraordinary features ,which stands it apart from other brands.
Earbuds connects to a singlesource such as DECT, FM radio,amplifier, mobile phones, etc are through wireless bluetooth  system .

Origin of earphones & previous technologies
The 1st headphones were developed in19th centuryfor the use of telephone operators ,,althoughthe voice were not satisfiable enough but that was the 1st step towards the wearable earphones. Earbuds are made in a rangeof different audio reproduction capabilities . Earbuds are stereo wireless usebluetooth connectivity to  transmitt theaudio signals  by radio waves fromcellular devices or phones.
After 1980 ,, when the  walkman era began, peoples started using earphonesfrequently in public places , grocery stores or transports etc. They alsostarted realising the importance of earphones in professions.

Oppo earbuds

When it comes to best sound quality  ,with noise cancellation feature, batterylife , OPPO has nailed it. No matter what brand’s earbuds you are using butwhenever you use OPPO earbuds , you will experience an amazing soundbest combination of bass,treble . The most cool feature I liked about it is,  you don’t feel pain in your ears and can do your work without any externaldisturbance for a long period without caring of time.  Such an amazing audio quality!!


Oppo Enco features

The OPPO Enco W51 comes with wireless stereoearbuds at Rs 4999, one of the few earbuds with in ear design of noise isolation and a combination of array of 6microphones for noise cancellation. It is also compiled of  Ingress Protection  Rating (IP 54) for  water and dust resistance feature ,which israrely in any branded earbuds at this price.


A powerful device

In terms of designing, OPPO has nailed it. The voice both caller and reciever hear is acrystal clear. The earphones are alsoconnected with triple mic noisecancellation such that your voice can be transmitted clearly in rush or crowdyplace. Furthermore ,they are discrete and a weigh of just 4.8 g ,means youdon’t even feel of something wearing on your ears or any types of uncomfortableness.
     One thing which also makes OPPO Enco different isit’s multiple ear size facility ,so that one can perfectly fit it with ears. With it’s amazing and much more features andlight weigh, I had felt extremely comfortable for wearing it for hours.


Charging Technology & Battery Life

    With the wireless charging cases and with fourfull charges of earbuds ,OPPO Enco X is also compatible with  Qi charging mats so that your case can also  charge easily and fast along with earbuds .With this OPPO earbuds blasted with it’s long lasting battery life .While using one can don’t even feel the need of case for charging forcontinously 25 hours of music playback .
With these features ,OPPO has proved that ,lowbattery problem was just a thing of past.


Inlast words
   I truly want to say that one can feel fruity experience after using it and also understandwhy it is different from other branded earbuds. From crystal clear audioquality to  enhanced noisecancellation feature ,one can immerse itself with his/her favourite  playlists.
Whether you want to dance on party songs or toflow with relaxation deep music ,OPPO Enco is compiled with SDC, AAC and LHDC bluetooth Codecs.

Reference :Wikipedia ,hindustantimes.com

Thanks to @HeenaV  to helping me out this article.

Thank you !
Stay Safe, Stay Happy

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