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「ColorOS Know-How」 How to Use VoWifi In Oppo

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Hello ColorOs,

I am back with some Know How about the Vowifi. By using VoWifi you can make call using Wifi but without any applications, you can call anyone in your contact normally without any charges.

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Mostly VoWiFi Feature have being launched in fewOppo Phone Models which are A5 2020, A9 2020, F15, F11, F11 PRO, RENO 1X, RENO2F, RENO 2Z, RENO 2 PRO, F9, F9 PRO, F7, F7 128 GB ETC.  


First you have to go to the settings and after the settings you will see a option of SIM Card and Mobile Data then you will see SIM 1 and SIM 2, If there is SIM 1 only that will be fine too.

Tap on the SIM 1 OR SIM 2 option on which you wantto use VoWiFi Option. After that you can see the WIFI calling Option click on that option then you can ON or OFF as per your Usage.


You can see WIFI calling Preferences down to WIFICalling, In WIFI calling Preferences you can see two options WIFI callingPreferred and Cellular calling preferred.

If you want to divert all your calls through WIFIthen you tap on WIFI calling Preferred and if you want divert your calls toMobile Data then you can tap on Cellular calling preferred.


When you tap on privacy you will see two optionsRandom MAC Address and Device MAC Address. When you tap on Random MAC Addressthe network will be collect the strength from the people IP Address who arecalling you but if you tap on Device MAC Address the call will work on thestrength of your network.

So In short Random MAC Address is better option thanDevice MAC Address. After Selecting WIFI calling preferred you have to go toWIFI settings and Switch on the WIFI after connecting you can see that you areconnect to VOWIFI and can check the status, signal strength, Connection speed,Security, privacy, IP address, Proxy and IP settings.


If the signal strength is low than good – Example –Bad or Worst then your call will get disconnected again and again. Connectionspeed should be at least 1MBPS or WIFI calling will not happen.

After connection through WIFI Network you can offyou Mobile Data and can start calling without can charges. The better the WIFIStrength the better will call goes on.
Thank you @Amit_T for guiding me !!!

For more Know How, Keep Following @Roshni_07 !!

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