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「ColorOS App Hub」Deepstash : Key Ideas from Articles & Books

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Hello Fans of ColorOS,

How're all of you? I hope all of you in the ColorOS community are doing well and having fun.  

In this thread I am going to discuss about a curated platform of daily source of inspiring & life changing stories and ideas:  Deepstash: Google Playstore Link


What is Deepstash ?

Deepstash is a curated platform of good ideas. There are so many things vying for your attention every day, so their proposition is simply this: spend a few minutes a day with them to grow your 'stash'. The stash they refer to is a collection of valuable ideas that can help improve your personal and professional life - it's like your personal knowledge hub.
You'll find multiple topics in the app such as

  • Self Improvement,
  • Time Management,
  • Communication,
  • Health,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Teamwork
  • Money and so on.

You can browse by topics or just see the day's curated list (this list is refreshed daily). Once you create a free account, you can read and start saving ideas.

Content & Articles

Deepstash curates the best stories around the web (articles, videos, podcasts & more, from top publications and magazines like Medium, Inc, Lifehacker, Forbes, Mark Manson, FastCompany, BBC, Tony Robbins & more) and provides actionable and inspiring short form key insights to improve yourself personally and professionally. A wealth of self help knowledge in your pocket.

Summarized Ideas

You need just 5 minutes per day. Our team works for you. We provide a summary of the main insights of articles and other web content in a short and crisp 100 words or less format we call “ideas”.
Escape the negativity and time wasting pull of social media platforms. Our app’s goal is to help you towards self improvement and self care and to get you motivated, inspired, wiser and productive

Popular & Recommendations

This section is bound to show you the stories and stashes that are most liked and recommended by other users. Through this section you can keep track of the trending stories and ideas. You can call it as your personal knowledge hub or something like that. And the collection is so large that it never ends.

Personalized Content & Feed

Choose a few topics of interest (like self improvement, time management, problem solving, love & relationships & more) and then just use the app at your leisure. As you save ideas and use our app, we learn what you like and find the best stories and articles to show you every day, so you’re motivated and inspired. You don't even have to work for it.

Share your knowledge

It's super easy for us to share the best articles, quotes, stories and ideas on any channel we want. We can send it to a friend on Whatsapp or share it with our followers on Instagram.
Hope you guys liked my article on Deepstash App.

Vote of Thanks

I would like to thank  @Zaki1203 for the guidance and support

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