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Terms and conditions: By participating you hereby agree that the decision to select winners and to prescribe and/ or modify campaign rules rest solely with us and that you shall not have any right to dispute them. By participating you unequivocally and irrevocably agree to abide with all our decisions and the rules of the company whose vouchers may be awarded to you (the ‘Company’), including but not limited to decisions pertaining to winner selection, awarding of vouchers to the winner, redemption procedure (which shall be in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Company), etc. You shall keep us, our employees, partners, shareholders, and directors completely indemnified from all losses, damages, penalties, expenses, and the likes arising from the claims, complaints, disputes and the likes which may be raised by you or any third party arising from and/ or in connection with this campaign and/ or the contest and anything related therewith. You take complete responsibility in case of providing incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete details and all consequences which shall ensue therefrom. This contest is not applicable in the state of Tamil Nadu. You hereby agree that there is no warranty in respect of the winnings and that all your claims, enquiries and/ or complaints in respect of the voucher shall lie solely against the Company. You agree that we have the right to cancel or close this campaign and the contest at any time, at our complete discretion. We and/ or the Company, at any given point in time, reserve the right to disqualify you, in spite, of you being declared as a winner or subsequent to awarding you with the vouchers, at our complete and absolute discretion. This contest is being made purely on a ‘best efforts’ basis and participating in this contest is voluntary. By participating you hereby agree to release us, our affiliates, partners, employees, shareholders, and directors from all liabilities and hold all of us harmless from everything arising from and/ or in connection with this campaign/ contest, irrespective of any act or negligence being attributable to us, our affiliate, or the Company. You further agree to abide with the privacy notice of the browser. This contest shall be governed by the laws of India and the courts at New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to decide all case arising from and/ or in connection with this campaign or contest. The redemption of voucher shall be strictly in accordance with the rules of the Company, which may be changed from time to time and any other terms and conditions which may be shared along with and/ or accompanying the voucher.
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