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[Know-How] All You Need to Know about Smart Sidebar of ColorOS

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Hello, Guys today I'm going to tell you something about Smart Sidebar in this Article. This is the Latest Feature of ColorOS and this will make life easier and will give you all new multi-tasking Capabilities by easing your experience. So let's get started

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What Is Smart Sidebar

The Smart Sidebar can still be accessed when the screen is Horizontal or vertical, where the quick apps and quick tools may be used to call up designated apps in floating windows. Allowing you to watch the video and reply to messages on the same screen.

How to Enable Smart Sidebar
To Enable Smart Sidebar Option you have to go “Setting>Smart & convenient>smart sidebar>turn on smart sidebar”

You can enable only For the Horizontal screen, Especially When you Play the games or while watching movies in the Landscaping mode.


Smart Sidebar Swipe option on the Home Screen

Once you enable the smart sidebar in the Settings go back to home screen and check there is a small swipe layout enabled in the Home screen. Just you have to Swipe left to Open Smart Sidebar.

slide settings.jpg

Default Smart Sidebar Options

Once you Swipe left Smart sidebar will appear and you can see default options in the sidebar which can be Remove except for the camera.

Quick Tool

  •     Camera
  •     Screenshot
  •     Screen recording
  •     DoNot Disturb

Camera: You can just open the camera take pictures by just tap on the Camera icon in the Smart sidebar

Screenshot: While watching movies and playing games or while browsing if you want to take a screenshot by just tap on the Screenshot icon in the smart sidebar.

Screen Recording  : You can able do Screen record by just tap on the screen Recording icon in the smart Sidebar. No matter whether you play games or watch a movie.

Do Not Disturb: This will block banner notifications while you playing games and you won't face any disturbance due to notifications if you enable this

float apps addin.jpg

Adding Floating Apps in the Smart Sidebar

You can add Floating Apps In the smart sidebar. Also, you can add Clone apps.  

Up to 6 Floating Apps can be added in the Smart Sidebar including Clone apps,

For example :     

  • Inuit SMS messages        
  • WhatsApp   
  • WeChat   
  • Facebook Massagers

clone apps a.jpg

How to Identify Clone Apps in the Smart Sidebar

In the Smart Sidebar few things you have to understand between main app and clone apps while opening the apps you should look for those symbols on the app.

You can open the main app and clone app to chat simultaneously

clone finding.jpg

Adding Quick Apps in the Smart Side bar

Adding Quick apps in the Smart Sidebar will be a same procedure as you added Float apps. Just scroll down in the float apps you can find your system apps and third-party apps which is you installed in your phone.

You can add Up to 18 apps in the Smart Sidebar including Floating apps.

After Adding the Quick apps if you want to arrange based on your Requirement you can rearrange it by Holding on the icon drag and drop.

You can remove the Quick apps and replace with some other apps in the Smart sidebar.

qucik apps adding.jpg

Accessing Quick Apps

You can access any apps using smart sidebar while using some other apps without going back to home. This sounds good right?

Yes, You Can Add Most Used apps in the smart sidebar no matter whether its system apps or third party. You can switch to between the apps without hitting the home button.

quck aspp access.jpg

Split Screen (Multiwindow)

Nowadays Split screen is a common feature in the Android smartphones. But the problem is only a few apps can be supported for the split screen to do multi-tasking,

ColorOS Added Floating Window Feature to Make Multi-tasking Smarter and faster

What is a floating window: floating app is an application that opens in a small window and floats over all other applications allowing real multitasking.  

You can watch a video or play games and chat in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Simultaneously Without interprets.

You can use a floating window on any system apps or Third party applications.  

Watch YouTube in full-screen and chat simultaneously using smart slide bar just Swipe left to bring sidebar menu and Select which floating apps you need to use.

split screen.jpg

Landscape Mode Sidebar

You can Use Smart sidebar in the landscape mode as well, Most of the streaming apps won't support multi-tasking (split screen) but using smart sidebar you can watch videos on the Hotstar and chat in Social apps simultaneously.

land scape 1.jpg

You can switch to any floating apps while watching live streaming and chat simultaneously.

landscapde 2.jpg

You can resize the floating window as you wish just hold on the Corners and drag to minimize & maximize the window

You can move the keyboard as well just hold and drag place the keyboard as you wish.

float resize.jpg

You can move the float window and keep it a side for a while and you can continue your other activities at the time you can bring it back when you get the notification instead of closing and reopening the apps.

float moving.jpg

You can make it the Full screen of any Floating apps while doing multitasking. Just tap on the option to make full screen

flote .jpg

Now you can ask your friends while doing online shopping and get suggestions. Or you can select and book for them

online shopping.jpg

Now it's easy to type OTP passcode for any payment apps. Instead of minimizing the paid apps and checking for OTP passcode, just use the smart sidebar and open SMS app to copy and paste or type manually.


I will conclude this article.  Hope will see you in the next smart feature of ColorOS stay tuned.

If you like this article do follow me.

Thank you

ColorOS team.

Thank You for being part Of ColorOS Community, Stay Tuned for More such Articles.

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